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Chandler Williams: Reel Salty

These days, Chandler Williams (@chandler_williams_fishing on Instagram) splits his time between South Carolina and Key West. But the Columbia, South Carolina native has fished all over the Western Hemisphere. It took a lot of grit and gumption for him to get there, though. “I think I went fishing for the first time when I was […]

Reelin’ Strong with Kimmi Stark

Melbourne, Florida native Kimmi Stark (@kimmistark_ on Instagram) has only been fishing for about two and a half years. But she’s coming on strong! “I just won my first fishing tournament up in the Mosquito Lagoon,” she says. This was not just her first tournament win — it was the first tournament she’d ever fished. Although […]

Larissa Marchsteiner: This Gator Girl Loves H2O

Larissa Marchsteiner (@gatorgirl1183 on Instagram; @GatorGirl on Facebook) was born and raised — and still lives — in South Florida. And reeling has almost always been a big part of her life. “I’ve been fishing since before I remember,” she says. “There are pictures of me when I was about five years old holding fish. […]

Lelani Bright: Reeling Sunshine in the Florida Keys

Lelani Bright (@beautifullifemember on Instagram) was born in South Africa, growing up in Pretoria and Durban. When I asked if her name was Hawai’ian, she schooled me. “Lelani is actually a very Afrikaans name,” she says. “It also means ‘just cried’ in Zulu.” She moved to the United States in 1997, and landed in the […]

No Matter the Season, @4Seasonsflygals are Reelin’

Back in September 2016, Texan Karen Clark was visiting Vail, Colorado with her husband, some friends — Beth Paterson and Leisha Scaling — and their husbands. “Our husbands were golfers,” she says. “And we were looking for something fun to do. So, we decided to try fly fishing.” Karen, Beth, and Leisha had never really fished […]

Matt Becker: Tearin’ Up the Tour

Matt Becker (@mbeckerfishing on Instagram) lives in Pittsburgh, where he was born and raised. He also happens to be the 2018 FLW Tour Rookie of the Year. “I’ve been fishing since I was born,” he says, laughing. “My dad got me into it.” Go out with his dad, Matt started fishing in a pretty typical […]

Michelle Dalton: A Bombchelle Reeler

“I am thirty years old and I’ve lived in the same county my whole life,” says Michelle Dalton (@bombchelle_fishing on Instagram). “I think I might be one of the only Florida natives left here.” Michelle still lives in the same Southeast Florida area where she grew up and learned to fish in the canals and […]

Christin Kruger: Bringing People Together with Fishing

When Christin Kruger (@ckrugerr on Instagram) was visiting Zimbabwe a couple months ago, she hooked into and boated a couple of 90-pound vundu — a catfish and the largest freshwater species in southern Africa — on Lake Kariba. “I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure they were bigger than the one that […]

Ken Tanaka has a wish4fish

Ken Tanaka (@wish4fish on Instagram), who grew up in North Carolina, has been reeling since he was four years old. “It was a major thing I did with my father,” he says. “And I’ve always been very technical about fishing — even with conventional gear.” As his career — as a DJ and also in […]

Bull reds with Brandon Simon

“A tuna just jumped right in front of me!” Brandon Simon exclaimed over the phone. I thought he’d told me that he was fishing from the beach. “I am,” he said. The pharmacy manager from Santa Claus, Indiana — who now lives in South Walton, Florida — explained that blackfin tuna come in close to […]

Emma Brown: Rocky Mountain Fly

Emma Brown (@EmmaBrownTrout on Instagram) has been fishing since she could walk. “Well, I’d stand in the river next to my dad, anyway” she says. “I was always outdoors, always near the river.” Emma didn’t pick up her own rod and reel until she was eight years old. Of course, it was a fly rod. […]

Fly/Fishing with Courtney Gandy

Courtney Gandy is an avid saltwater reeler. She loves both inshore and offshore fishing. She grew up fishing in the ocean and has been doing it her whole life. And Courtney (@Quart_nay on Instagram) lives in… Phoenix?! But wait — there’s much more to this story. You see, Courtney just moved to Phoenix a few […]

Feelin’ the reelin’ rush with Emma Calantoni

Emma Calantoni (@EmmaCalantoni on Instagram) was “accidentally born” in Lakeland, Florida. “My parents were on vacation and my mom went into labor,” she says. Once Emma was ready to travel, the family headed back to their home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember,” Emma says. “I remember fishing […]

Reelin’ (and releasin’) sharks with Morgan Matson

Although she was born and raised in Miami, Morgan Matson (@morganmatson on Instagram) has only been chasing sharks for the last couple years. “I’ve fished for most of my life, but I didn’t start fishing for sharks until 2016, when I met my boyfriend [@acksharks] on Nantucket. I was at the beach and saw him […]

Hannah Kramer: The Redheaded Angler

Growing up as a kid in Colorado, Hannah Kramer (@redheaded_angler on Instagram) fished but would “get bored after like 20 minutes.” It was not until after her father passed away three years ago that Hannah picked up a rod again. “He was a huge fly angler,” she says. “About a year after he passed away, […]