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Reelin’ hawgs in the Pacific Northwest with Austin Redding

BASSSAlthough he’s been fishing his entire life — since he was two years old, anyway — Austin Redding (@PNWBassin on Instagram) didn’t start chasing bass until about three years ago. The Central Washington University freshman has been exploring the lakes and rivers of his home state, which is not particularly known for bass fishing. “Even […]

Brian Robison: Reelin’ ‘em in for a Good Cause

Brian Robison has been fishing since he was a toddler. He remembers when he was four years old, going out with his dad to toss lures into his family’s backyard pond — an activity that they did several times a week. Being from Texas, Robison also had a bit of an interest in football. The […]

Outdoors Passion Fuels T-Roy Broussard

By David A. Brown Ask him his profession and T-Roy Broussard will tell you he’s a fireman. Truth – he’s served the Port Arthur Department for 25 years, the past decade as Captain. But ask him about his passion and that’s when the colorful details comes surging forward like a bull gator on a short […]

Video: T-Roy Broussard Bass Tips – Change Up Your Lure

Just because they stopped biting doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In this Tip/Hack video, pro reeler T-Roy Broussard talks about why it’s important to “change it up” when your line goes quiet.   Watch for more Tips and Hacks from T-Roy this week. Also check out our day with T-Roy on the Sabine River system […]

Mission in Minnesota: Launching a Guide Service in America’s Newly Crowned Bass Kingdom

“People don’t like fishing,” Mike Riedl said, a smile creeping up behind his Amphibia floating sunglasses. “They like catching.”   Riedl is a bass “catching” guide based out of Mora, Minnesota. Wait… Bass? In Minnesota…? Minnesota, where walleye is king and muskies bring bragging rights at the diner?   Yep. Bass.   Twenty-eight year-old Riedl […]

Fishing Largemouth in and Around the Concrete Jungle with Yakker Thomas Apodaca

The romance of largemouth bass fishing is not lost in the concrete jungle of Dallas, Texas as long as Thomas Apodaca is out slinging crank bait and sinking soft plastics. “I really want to bring that out, especially to the younger people,” he said, “That just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you […]