Blue Water Hunters

Nearly twenty years ago (Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long!), I was hired by Stuff Magazine (the off-shoot of Maxim) to pen an article about an incredible extreme sport that had been around for years but was really just starting to gain mainstream attention: blue water hunting. Essentially big game spearfishing. Or, as […]

Freediving and Hypoxia: A Deadly Combination

Freediving without a dive partner could wind up being the last dive trip you ever take – just take Valentine Thomas’s word for it.   The globetrotting freediver and spearfishing fanatic recently had a run-in with cerebral hypoxia during a deep dive in the Caribbean. Cerebral hypoxia happens when the brain is completely deprived of […]

Saltwater Spearfishing Gives Darcie Arahill A New Perspective

For many adventurers, the idea of spearfishing may evoke images of Bear Grylls diving head first into a tidal pool somewhere in the South Pacific, armed with little more than a keen eye and a sharp stick.   But the truth is the sport of spearfishing has morphed from its South Pacific origins into a […]