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Shark Saturday: Westside Fishing gets bit!

Reposted from our friends, Reelerz @Westsidefishing! Amazing video below:

“Here is the amazing footage of the Shark Biting my hand as I was releasing it back to the big blue I wasn’t gonna post these photos cause sometimes things like this cause too much controversy.. a lot of people will say you shouldn’t be handling sharks anyway but one thing being a fisherman you learn to love the ocean and all the creatures in it. After we hooked this shark (not intentionally) I hate to leave the hooks in the mouth of the beast. So after taking all the hooks out we went to release but not after it gave me thank you bite on the way home so posting this to show that fishing isn’t all that easy and when in your life do you get bitten by a shark and capture it all still love everything in the deep blue and I was straight back on the water even after the skin graft and a cast on ‍♂️ #WestsideFishing #Sharkattack”

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