For many adventurers, the idea of spearfishing may evoke images of Bear Grylls diving head first into a tidal pool somewhere in the South Pacific, armed with little more than a keen eye and a sharp stick.


But the truth is the sport of spearfishing has morphed from its South Pacific origins into a popular modern-day activity that many top-water anglers are beginning to embrace as a way to gain perspective of the mysterious underwater world previously seen only by anglers’ circle hooks, cast nets and bait fish.


Recently we had the chance to speak with Darcie Arahill to talk about her new adventures into the exciting world of saltwater spearfishing.


Reelerz.com: One thing that really peaked our interest was your journey into the world of spearfishing. Are you pretty new to the sport?


Darcie Arahill: Growing up, I’ve always done snorkeling for lobsters and whatnot, so I’m pretty [comfortable] in the ocean. I’m a great swimmer, and I can dive down right now to twenty feet deep.


Spearfishing gives you a whole different outlook on what you’re looking for in the water. Usually when you’re [topside] fishing, you’re up on a boat and not really sure of what’s going on down there, but when you get in the water and you’re with the fish and can see the environment they’re in, it really gives you the upper advantage.


[This advantage] not only helps while you’re spearfishing underwater to catch fish, but also in general so you have a better idea of what fish are doing down there, like, “okay, they’re actually over here right now when the tide is moving.” I think it gives me a huge advantage just being down there and seeing what’s going on versus just fishing from a boat.


It’s also a really cool experience to be in the water with them in their own environment. It’s a good learning process; each fish behaves differently when you’re trying to shoot one. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more. I’ve only shot a couple of fish, I’ve shot my first lionfish and a couple of mangrove snapper, but I’m looking forward to getting better at it!


Want to follow Darcie Arahill’s offshore adventures? Check out her YouTube channel “Darcizzle Offshore,” featuring weekly videos, fishing reports and news from south Florida’s fishing scene. You can also follow Darcie on Twitter and Instagram, and like her on Facebook.


All photos by Darcie and her team.


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