Reel Talk: Victoria Watts is truly electric

Thank you for speaking with us today, Victoria! It seems that you are always on the move to a new exotic fishing spot! Are you a natural travel bug? What kinds of things should viewers look forward to seeing if they aren’t already followers of yours on Instagram? You can most often be seen fishing […]

Is Today a Good Day For Fishing? Where Can I Go Fishing Near Me?

When’s the best time to fish? If you love fishing, the only bad day is the one where you aren’t on the water. But there are certainly better and worse conditions for catching fish, and countless variables that can be taken into consideration if you want to know whether or not it’s a good day […]

Reel Talk: Jennifer Lampkin rings our belle!

Everything is bigger in Texas–and bass are no exception! As if on cue, Jennifer Lampkin (@southernbellefishingtx)is on site pulling up a monster largemouth bass, smiling from cheek to cheek. Born and raised in East Texas, Jennifer knows a thing or two about tackling big fish that northerners might only dream of. For her, though, it’s […]

So You Want to Be a Fishing Guide? Chandler Williams Offers Some Tips

When we last connected with Chandler Williams (@chandler_williams_fishing on Instagram), we told you about his grit: Working for a neighbor to earn his first fly rod; teaching himself how to fly cast; sleeping all night on a dock as a young teenager in order to hitch his first ride with a sport fisher. You get […]

Chandler Williams: Reel Salty

These days, Chandler Williams (@chandler_williams_fishing on Instagram) splits his time between South Carolina and Key West. But the Columbia, South Carolina native has fished all over the Western Hemisphere. It took a lot of grit and gumption for him to get there, though. “I think I went fishing for the first time when I was […]

Jamie Smith is a Fishin’ Mama

Although she started reeling as a little girl, growing up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Jamie Smith (@fishinmama511 on Instagram) was a long way from water. “My dad started me fishing when I was little-bitty, like I don’t even remember how old I was,” she says. “There’re no lakes anywhere near where we lived. So […]

For Kim Hurt, Saltwater Reeling Was a Gamechanger

Kim Hurt (@kimhurtay on Instagram) was born and raised in the great state of Texas, where she has been fishing since she was a little girl. “I’m from South Texas, but I live in Boerne now,” she says. “But I was living on the coast, out of Corpus Christi, on North Padre Island, where I […]

Reelin’ Strong with Kimmi Stark

Melbourne, Florida native Kimmi Stark (@kimmistark_ on Instagram) has only been fishing for about two and a half years. But she’s coming on strong! “I just won my first fishing tournament up in the Mosquito Lagoon,” she says. This was not just her first tournament win — it was the first tournament she’d ever fished. Although […]

Larissa Marchsteiner: This Gator Girl Loves H2O

Larissa Marchsteiner (@gatorgirl1183 on Instagram; @GatorGirl on Facebook) was born and raised — and still lives — in South Florida. And reeling has almost always been a big part of her life. “I’ve been fishing since before I remember,” she says. “There are pictures of me when I was about five years old holding fish. […]

Lelani Bright: Reeling Sunshine in the Florida Keys

Lelani Bright (@beautifullifemember on Instagram) was born in South Africa, growing up in Pretoria and Durban. When I asked if her name was Hawai’ian, she schooled me. “Lelani is actually a very Afrikaans name,” she says. “It also means ‘just cried’ in Zulu.” She moved to the United States in 1997, and landed in the […]

Brian McGill: The MC who Gave up Bass for Snook

When I called Brian McGill (mc_snook_mcgill on Instagram) for this interview, the Tampa, Florida angler was about to start fishing. “Call you back in 15,” he texted. “walking to a fishing spot. Soon as I get setup I can chat.” Less than 10 minutes into our conversation, Brian tells me that he’s got a fish on. […]

Will and William Nichols: NeXT Generation Reelers

William Nichols has been fishing his entire life. Born in Greenville, Mississippi — in the Delta — William started fishing with his grandfather. He later moved to Florida for some time, but ultimately returned to his home state and settled in Brandon. While fishing has been a constant in his life, it was not always […]

Michelle Dalton: A Bombchelle Reeler

“I am thirty years old and I’ve lived in the same county my whole life,” says Michelle Dalton (@bombchelle_fishing on Instagram). “I think I might be one of the only Florida natives left here.” Michelle still lives in the same Southeast Florida area where she grew up and learned to fish in the canals and […]

Christin Kruger: Bringing People Together with Fishing

When Christin Kruger (@ckrugerr on Instagram) was visiting Zimbabwe a couple months ago, she hooked into and boated a couple of 90-pound vundu — a catfish and the largest freshwater species in southern Africa — on Lake Kariba. “I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure they were bigger than the one that […]

Making time to fish with Helaina Eve Rotondi

Helaina Eve Rotondi (@Helaina.Eve on Instagram) fishes frequently — in spite of holding down jobs as a dental assistant and a bartender. “I live on a canal, so I try to get out every day,” she says. “If I have some free time, I’ll run out for an hour or so and see if I […]

Bull reds with Brandon Simon

“A tuna just jumped right in front of me!” Brandon Simon exclaimed over the phone. I thought he’d told me that he was fishing from the beach. “I am,” he said. The pharmacy manager from Santa Claus, Indiana — who now lives in South Walton, Florida — explained that blackfin tuna come in close to […]

Deneshia Larson has a Natural Addiction

Deneshia Larson (@TheNaturalAddictionTV on Instagram) lives in Georgia — just north of Atlanta — but she grew up outside of Savannah. “My parents divorced when I was two,” she says. “And I was the oldest grandchild, so my Papa started taking me out fishing and then hunting when I was 4-5 years old.” Despite her […]

Jess Pless: Fishing to soothe the soul

As a native of Central Florida — “just south of Ocala National Forest” — Jess Pless (@bikiniwahine on Instagram) grew up reeling in freshwater. “I think my dad taught me when I was like two years old,” she says. “We’d hit the local ponds and go up into the Ocala Forest to fish.” Jess got […]

Fly/Fishing with Courtney Gandy

Courtney Gandy is an avid saltwater reeler. She loves both inshore and offshore fishing. She grew up fishing in the ocean and has been doing it her whole life. And Courtney (@Quart_nay on Instagram) lives in… Phoenix?! But wait — there’s much more to this story. You see, Courtney just moved to Phoenix a few […]

Feelin’ the reelin’ rush with Emma Calantoni

Emma Calantoni (@EmmaCalantoni on Instagram) was “accidentally born” in Lakeland, Florida. “My parents were on vacation and my mom went into labor,” she says. Once Emma was ready to travel, the family headed back to their home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember,” Emma says. “I remember fishing […]

For Mandy Tillman, fishing is a family affair

Growing up in Mobile County, Alabama, Mandy Tillman (@mandytrn75 on Instagram) was raised on the Gulf and its inshore waters. “My father was a boat builder, owned a shipyard,” she says. “I grew up on the water.” As a boat builder in South Alabama, shrimping was a way of life for Mandy’s father. “I spent […]

Shelby Callison: A ‘reel’ cowgirl

Although she just earned a BS in Agriculture (with honors, no less) from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), Shelby Callison (@ShelbyCallison_ on Instagram) wants to work in the marine industry. “I’m planning on moving to South Florida in a few months, and I’m hoping to find something down there,” she says. “If I don’t find […]

Lolo and Alex: Ambassadors for African Sport Fishing

Alex and Laureline Houdaille (@sportfishingduo on Instagram) make their home in Douala, Cameroon. Laureline — who goes by “Lolo” — is originally from France. “I was born in France but I’m the second generation living in Cameroon,” says Alex. Alex doesn’t remember how he exactly he got started fishing: He’s been doing it his whole […]

Reelin’ in the Keys with Two Conchs Sportfishing

Captain Jack Carlson was born and raised on Marathon Key in South Florida. “I’m a Conch,” he says, referring to the moniker Keys natives reserve for themselves. Captain Carlson also has a serious fishing pedigree. Naturally, as a lifelong resident of the Keys, he’s been reeling his entire life. However, his father was a fishing […]

Heather Nicole: “Endless Opportunity”

Heather Nicole started fishing with her stepdad when she was six years old. The Deerfield Beach, Florida native would “fish off the local docks around Hillsboro inlet.” “I’d catch catfish and grunts,” Heather says. “Nothing too serious.” That’s a little different from what she was doing these days. “Last weekend I fished in the Saltwater Shootout […]

Amber Marchant: An island baby for life

Amber Marchant (@islandbaby4life on Instagram) grew up on Marathon Key, Florida. As a girl, she would grow up fishing from local docks or lobstering with her dad. Her mom would regale Amber with stories of the fish she’d caught herself. Since she was four years old, however, one fish, in particular, has been Amber’s “dream […]

Chasing monsters with Brodie Sciberras

Brodie Sciberras is “a born and bred Aussie.” Currently living in Perth, on Australia’s west coast, Brodie has been fishing since he was a youngster. “When I was a little bloke, my granddad loved his fishing!” he says. “So it all started back then when he used to sneak me out of school so he […]

A bigger boat? Nick Ager doesn’t need a boat at all

Do you remember that scene in Jaws when the mayor orders Chief Brody not to tell people about the shark attacks because it’s tourist season? Nick Ager (@OCSharkHunter on Instagram) has had a similar experience. “Ocean City [Maryland] is a tourist town,” he says. “And we used to tag all our pictures with #OCMD. I […]

The Redfish Rules: Guest Blog

Red drum, commonly known of as Redfish, are popular inshore fish to catch in the Tampa Bay area. Not only do they provide an exciting tenacious fight, they also make for a delicious mouthwatering meal! Targeting these tasty reds takes skills, patience, and knowledge. First and foremost— Know the regulations! The minimum size limit on […]

This Skye Has No Limit

Skye Burkhardt is worried about Mosquito Lagoon. The Florida reeler’s backyard fishery has had a tough year. The lagoon, along the inshore waters of Florida’s Space Coast, is an estuarine habitat whose mangroves and sea grass are relied upon by inshore species like snook, redfish, and black drum for structure, camouflage, and a place to […]

Bull reds with Brandon Simon

“A tuna just jumped right in front of me!” Brandon Simon exclaimed over the phone. I thought he’d told me that he was fishing from the beach. “I am,” he said. The pharmacy manager from Santa Claus, Indiana — who now lives in South Walton, Florida — explained that blackfin tuna come in close to […]

Shark Saturday: Westside Fishing gets bit!

Reposted from our friends, Reelerz @Westsidefishing! Amazing video below: “Here is the amazing footage of the Shark Biting my hand as I was releasing it back to the big blue I wasn’t gonna post these photos cause sometimes things like this cause too much controversy.. a lot of people will say you shouldn’t be handling […]

Steve Hare: Flies around the world

Growing up in New Orleans, Steve Hare (@shallowwaterfly on Instagram) would go out reeling with his dad, just trying to catch whatever they could get to bite. These days, Hare still loves getting fish to bite. “One of the things I love most about fishing is the challenge of tricking a fish into taking my fly,” […]

Flats on the the Fly with Capt. Steven Lamp

Captain Steven Lamp is a third-generation Florida waterman. In 1994, after stints in the Coast Guard, as a dive boat operator, and a competitve spear fisherman, he decided to become a flats fishing guide. He moved to the Keys, below Seven Mile Bridge, and Capt. Lamp has been doing it full time ever since. Funny […]

Brandie, Bass, and Bonefish

Brandie Metts (@brandiemetts on Instagram) has been fishing the waters of her native Florida since she was a little girl. She grew up on Anna Maria Island on the state’s Gulf Coast, but her family had a lake place near Inverness. Bass The chain of lakes outside Inverness are prime bass fishing territory, and largemouth […]

Jigging in Jupiter: Chasing Snook with Dale Ash

Dale Ash was born and raised in Miami, where he cut his reeling teeth on the bays with his dad. Sometimes, he’d even hook a snook. Eventually, Ash discovered that South Florida’s irrigation canals and subdivision lakes were home to more than just alligators. Largemouth and peacock bass also plied the region’s freshwater. And the […]

Capturing Blue Marlin in the Blink of an Eye with Tony Ludovico – The Ocean Ghost

Behind the lens of a low-volume mask, probing eyes stare down into the blue abyss. Those eyes have serious mileage on them, and have seen things most of us could only dream of—or be afraid to dream of! And yet here they are once again, on the lookout, scanning, searching, hoping… In an instant, Tony […]

Tips and Hacks: Blue Marlin

There’s nothing easy about catching a blue marlin — just ask Santiago from The Old Man and the Sea. Blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) are some of the biggest, fastest, and most elusive fish on Earth. And that’s why reelers obsess over chasing and catching them. According to Jack Vasilaros, a charter captain and tournament reeler, […]

Boats, Bikinis, and Big Fish: Through the Lens of Hunter Ledbetter

After 31 years as a United States Marine, Hunter Ledbetter made a beeline for Key West and bought a Maverick poling skiff. The Augusta, Georgia native is a lifelong reeler, but in 2011, a new passion also focused his attention: Photography. Island life allowed Hunter to combine his passions. He started hitting the flats, chasing […]

Singin’ the Indian Ocean Blues

In November, charter captain Darryn Du Plessis and Team Soolyman won the 2017 Fujairah Offshore Fishing Tournament. Not only did they take home a fat check, Du Plessis and his team qualified for — and received airline tickets to — the 2018 Offshore World Championship in Quepos, Costa Rica. It’s possible that Capt. Du Plessis […]

The Young Woman and the Sea: Jacki Shea Takes on Her First Marlin

Pro reeler and model Jacki Shea boated and released her first marlin — a striped — last month while fishing a charter with Blue Sky Cabo out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Admittedly, the Gainesville, Florida native hadn’t done a lot of fishing for marlin before, but this was her lucky outing. “I have not had very […]

Hooked for Life… On Marlin

Jack Vasilaros has a lot of respect for blue marlin. “They’re the baddest fish in the ocean. They’re huge fish that put up an incredible fight, and going after them is different every day.” The Clearwater Beach, Florida native is a member of The Kingsmen Fishing Team with Nick Vasilaros, Peyton Powers, Telera Marie, Jacob […]

Fin-Telligence: Marlin

Blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) are some of the biggest, fastest — and most beautiful fish in the world. The challenge they present once hooked was chronicled perhaps most famously in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. Their power, beauty, and scrap keeps reelers going after them again and again, sparing little in the way […]

The basics of land-based shark fishing

Fishing for sharks can be an incredible adrenaline rush. Very few sportfish can match the brute strength of a shark and nothing can make you appreciate the grace and beauty of these magnificent creatures like going toe-to-fin with a fish that can easily dwarf the person on the other end of the line. The battle […]

Moon(fish) over Maryland

The last thing Austin Ensor expected to catch in the cold Maryland waters was a tropical fish. Ensor caught a 105-pound opah, or “moonfish,” in Ocean City in early November, according to Fox 5 DC. Ensor was reeling in a 80-pound swordfish when the opah took the bait as well. After a 90-minute battle, Ensor […]

Backwater Bullsharking

PORT OF THE ISLANDS — Everything will bounce back. There were a few more downed branches and barren, wind-swept tree tops but, on the whole, the estuary was safe. I was worried. From the time we passed the Peace River in South Florida on our trip down Interstate 75, the signs of Hurricane Irma’s destruction […]

Prehistoric Soul – Thar Be Monsters Out There

Tom Hilgert is a surfcaster. Wait, let me rethink that. Calling Tom Hilgert a surfcaster is like calling me Ryan Reynolds, and much to my wife’s dismay, I am NOT Ryan Reynolds. You see, while that opening statement is true, it barely hints at the level Hilgert and his friends have taken surfcasting to. Trust […]

The 10 Most Extreme Fishing Destinations

Fishing is like real estate: the key is location, location, location. The site you choose will determine the nature of your adventure, and while most reelerz opt for a calm, relaxing destination, some have more extreme tastes. The following 10 sites provide a healthy dose of danger, allowing you to catch fish while battling nature’s […]

Planning Your Alaska Fishing Adventure

Alaska might just be the world’s greatest destination for sportfishing. Its salmon and halibut fisheries are legendary. There aren’t many places you can land a 300-pound halibut in the morning, a 50- to 100-pound salmon in the afternoon, and then do battle with a trophy trout or pike before you call it quits for the […]

All-Inclusive Alaskan Fishing Adventures Kick Ass

One of the best and most convenient ways to explore Alaska and experience its many adventures is through an all-inclusive vacation. All-inclusives take the guesswork and hassle out of travel. You simply ‘arrive and thrive,’ leaving the tedium of planning to the pros. Alaska and Fishing Vacations The largest state in the union by a […]

Freediving and Hypoxia: A Deadly Combination

Freediving without a dive partner could wind up being the last dive trip you ever take – just take Valentine Thomas’s word for it.   The globetrotting freediver and spearfishing fanatic recently had a run-in with cerebral hypoxia during a deep dive in the Caribbean. Cerebral hypoxia happens when the brain is completely deprived of […]

Fishing With Dynamite: Ben Buchan’s Simplified Approach to Marine Conservation

Ben Buchan proves that when it comes to protecting our ocean’s fisheries and reefs, a little education can go a long way.   The 23-year-old scuba instructor, marine biologist, and recent recipient of the 2015 Rolex Our World-Underwater Scholarship has already accomplished so much in the world of aquatic conservation; no doubt a result of […]

Darcie Arahill: Winter in South Florida is a Saltwater Fishing Fanatic’s Dream

If Jack Frost is starting to put a damper on your weekend fishing trips close to home, then perhaps it’s time to throw the winter coat back in the closet and plan a trip to sunny South Florida for a little offshore fishing.   With average highs in the mid 70s through the month of […]

Making Waves For A Good Cause: Brazilian Offshore Fishing Duo With A Mission

João Pascoli and Rafael Ferreira are like any other pair of twenty-something friends with a passion for sport fishing. The duo spend as much time as they can out on the water, and in their free time post videos and photos of their exploits online. But unlike many, Ferreira and Pascoli also have a deep-rooted […]

Into The Shark Tank With Free Diving Photographer Jose Debasa

For most gainfully employed Americans, a bad day at work means a stolen lunch out of the break-room fridge or the boss asking you to stay late on a Friday.   But for underwater action photographer Jose Debasa, a bad day at the office has the potential to turn deadly.   Debasa has combined his […]

Offshore Fishing with Darcie Arahill is The Reel Deal

For fishing enthusiasts preferring a little peace and quiet, heading out to a tranquil lakeshore or a secluded pond to wet a hook is as good as it gets. Darcie Arahill is not that kind of angler.   A Miami native born and raised just minutes from some of the best offshore fishing in the […]

Shark Attacks On The Rise: Are Fishing Regulations To Blame?

American beachgoers and saltwater anglers have long had a wary relationship with sharks. Last summer’s tragedy involving two children playing in waste-deep water just of North Carolina’s shores has further fueled recent assertions that shark attacks are getting worse, leaving some shark anglers calling for a culling of the aquatic herd. The uncanny circumstances surrounding […]

Captain Krista Tucker: A Bigger Badass Than You

If you think no one lives the Salt Life better than you, then you obviously haven’t met Captain Krista Tucker.   It’s no secret that sport fishing has been a male-dominated sport since its glorious conception, but trailblazers like Captain Krista have recently been giving the fellas a run for their money. One look at […]

Salt Junkies Charters

Salt Junkies Inc, based in San Diego, CA are 2 parts fishing charter, 1 part social club, and 1 part lifestyle. Joseph Zaragoza got the idea for the company a few years ago after fishing and a few beers but followed through on the idea unlike most of us. Now he’s got his own brand, […]

Breaking The Surface With Underwater Action Photographer Jose Debasa

Most professional photographers are expected to wear something formal to the events they are covering.   For Jose Debasa, his professional attire consists of a camouflage wetsuit and a pair of Deep Apnea fins.   We recently had a chance to speak with Mr. Debasa to talk about his exciting career as an underwater photographer […]