Reel Talk: Victoria Watts is truly electric

Thank you for speaking with us today, Victoria! It seems that you are always on the move to a new exotic fishing spot! Are you a natural travel bug?

What kinds of things should viewers look forward to seeing if they aren’t already followers of yours on Instagram?

You can most often be seen fishing some beautiful salt water location, and more often than not with other friends or furry companions. Would you say that fishing, for you, is largely a team activity, or do you go solo more often than not?

One of the most daunting challenges for a new reeler is getting started with a new endeavor. When you are looking to tackle a new challenge, do you typically go solo or do you try and learn from a guide?

So tell us–what is your favorite fish to catch? What’s the biggest you’ve ever brought to hand?

Fishing is just one of your favorite hobbies. You also offer health and fitness training programs. What sort of programs do you offer?

It seems that health is very important to you and how you live your life. What serves as your own personal biggest challenge to keeping up that intensity?

If you could be any place on Earth right now, where would that be? Why?

What is your bucket list fishing goal? A specific species or method?

Is there anything, like any trips planned on the horizon or new training programs that we can look forward to seeing?

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?