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Adventuring with Maria Prekeges and Jon White

Save $400. Have fun. Learn at your own pace. Sounds good, right? That’s essentially the mission statement that lures Maria Prekeges and Jon White outdoors. And they mean it!

Adventuring outdoors is a year-round activity for Maria and Jon.
(copyright Maria Prekeges and Jon White, 2020)

Save $400. Have fun. Learn at your own pace. Sounds good, right? That’s essentially the mission statement that lures Maria Prekeges and Jon White outdoors. And they mean it!

“Do you need to hire an expensive guide?” asks Jon. “No. Will it help some? Probably. But you can learn many of the same lessons from the comfort of your home and be $400 ahead with us on your side.”

You might recognize Jon if you frequent the Idaho backcountry, and you might find Maria familiar from her many appearances on ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and other outlets both in front of and behind the camera. They have a passion for the outdoors, and they want to help countless others feel more comfortable (and entertained!) when heading outside.

These two aren’t always buttoned-up and formal. The outdoors are fun, and so are they! (2020)

With the imminent launch of Idaho Mountain Anglers, this dynamic duo is primed to bring entertaining vlog material, pictures, and hilarious stories to all of your favorite social media channels. We recommend that you follow them today (and put that money you save toward some sweet new gear!).

Jon is a seasoned fly-fisher, while Maria considers herself a novice. (2020)

Jon grew up in Idaho and has logged countless journeys through the hills, mountains, and streams of the American west. Maria was raised along the salmon streams and clamming beds of the Pacific Northwest. While Jon is a quieter, more introspective presence, Maria exudes vitality with every word. This ying-and-yang partnership pays dividends both in front of and behind the cameras they bring into the woods.

“I love catching trout. They offer so much challenge, and so much reward. I have learned to enjoy the acrobatics and strength of bass recently,” says Jon. “They really are my current favorites.”

“I’m still new,” adds Maria. “So any fish I catch is my de-facto favorite!”

Maria considers herself a novice reeler–she loves to be outdoors, but is generally learning the tricks of the trade from Jon, an experience angler. Her vivacious personality and humor come through in every short video, while her learning curve helps the viewer pick up tips at a casual pace. In producing their #MinuteWithMaria shorts, this duo has focused on snappy editing and quick tips to avoid the boredom and lack of focus of most fishing tutorials online.

While flyfishing the hills of Idaho is a great way to spend the year, Maria and Jon venture all around the country looking for angling opportunities. (2020)

While these two hail from Sun Valley in Idaho, their adventures are not limited to the mountaintops and glacial valleys. Maria’s job as a sports journalist (with an emphasis on rodeo work) leads her all around the country, and Jon is always looking out for a new stream, lake, or shore to explore. Along the way, they chronicle the dos-and-don’ts of fishing, hiking, and general adventuring throughout the United States.

Maria learns the tips and tricks of fishing so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on a guide–unless you’d like to! (2020)

Keep your eyes peeled on their media channels as they begin to roll out some long-gestating videos highlighting a variety of topics. If you have never fished from a kayak before, we recommend that you stay tuned to find out the differences between the options out there (hard bottom, inflatable, and where they each shine). Whether you fly-fish or prefer conventional gear, you’ll have plenty to enjoy as you follow along with them.

“Head out your back door and explore!,” Maria finishes. “We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors, and we hope that we can help bring that spark to urge them out the door.”