Rapala Scale

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The Touch Screen Scale adds ease and convenience to weighing and tracking your catch. Large digital scale is packed with features, yet intuitive in use. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg., easily record and determine the position of current catch in your weight total. Simply hang catch from heavy-duty composite clamp or included stainless steel hook to view weight. Tap on one of eight storage locations to enter fish into memory and add to total catch weight. Runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included). Back-up memory retains stored data if battery power is lost. Features: – Large Digital Touch Screen – Heavy-Duty Composite Weigh Clamp or Stainless Steel Hook – Back-Up Memory – 3 Weight Display Options – 8 Storage Bins – Total Catch Weight – Back Light – Ambient Temperature – Tare Weight – Water Resistant – Storage Bag with Sewn In Instructions for Quick Reference

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13.55 × 6.1 × 2.8 in


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