Penn Carnage II Boat Spinning Rod

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Product Namepoweractionlengthline ratinghandle type
Penn 1366207HeavyModerate7'50-100 lbsA
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Penn 1366206Medium/HeavyModerate7'6"40-80 lbsA
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Penn 1366205Medium/HeavyModerate7'40-80 lbsA
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Penn 1366204MediumModerate7'30-65 lbsA
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Penn 1366203Medium/LightModerate7'15-30 lbsC
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Penn Carnage II rods is the next generation of super light but powerful rods. Engineered to be fished with braided fishing line these rods can take the extra strain created by braided lines and will punish any game fish. The SLS3 blank construction provides a very thin diameter blank which overall makes for a smaller and lighter rod that is more ergonomic.


– SLS3 blank construction
– Fuji K guides with Alconite insert
– Non slip foregrip
– Pac Bay aluminum reel seat

Additional information

Line Rating

50-100 lbs, 40-80 lbs, 40-80 lbs, 30-65 lbs, 15-30 lbs

Guide Type

Alconite, Alconite, Alconite, Alconite, Alconite


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