Okuma ROX Spinning Reel

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Product Namehandlegear ratioretrieve ratemax drag
Okuma ROX-40Ambidextrous5.1:129"12 lbs
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Okuma ROX-40-CLAmbidextrous5.1:129"12 lbs
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Okuma ROX-30-CLAmbidextrous5.1:127"12 lbs
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Okuma ROX-20-CLAmbidextrous5.1:126"7 lbs
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The Okuma ROX is a versatile spinning reel designed for wide variety of fish species including both freshwater and saltwater game fish. The ROX is constructed from a corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor which will allow the reel to maintain it’s strength for many years. The rigid aluminum handle is light yet very strong and won’t fail when you’re fighting a big fish on the end of your line. The ROX utilizes oiled felt drag washers and a 2 ball bearing drive affording smooth operation and a greater lifespan. While this isn’t Okuma’s flagship reel it’s actually a very good value and can be trusted for it’s intended use. If you only fish occasionally you’re just getting started or simply looking for a reel that won’t break the bank – the Okuma ROX is worth taking a look at

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Spinning, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo

Gear Ratio

5.1:1, 5.1:1, 5.1:1, 5.1:1

Retrieve Rate

29", 29", 27", 26"

Max Drag

12 lbs, 12 lbs, 12 lbs, 7 lbs

Reel Size

40, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo


9.8 oz, 9.8 oz, 9.4 oz, 7.8 oz

Mono Capacity

215/10 160/12 120/15, 215/10 and 160/12, 270/6 and 185/10, 150/4 and 120/6


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