Okuma Coronado CDX Spinning Reel

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Product Namehandlegear ratioretrieve ratemax drag
Okuma CDX-80Ambidextrous4.8:134"33 lbs
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Okuma CDX-65Ambidextrous4.8:131"33 lbs
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Okuma CDX-60Ambidextrous4.8:128"26 lbs
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Okuma CDX-55Ambidextrous4.8:127"26 lbs
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The Okuma Coronado CDX Baitfeeder Spinning Reel features Okuma’s patented simple baitfeeder system. The rear of the reel features a switch that fully disengages the gears and drag system plus a secondary micro-click drag system controls how freely the line is made available to the bait preventing line overruns.

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Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

Gear Ratio

4.8:1, 4.8:1, 4.8:1, 4.8:1

Retrieve Rate

34", 31", 28"27"

Max Drag

33 lbs, 33 lbs, 26 lbs, 26 lbs

Reel Size

80, 65, 60, 55


30.1 oz, 29 oz, 19.8 oz, 19.4 oz

Mono Capacity

400/15 330/20 240/25, 410/12 290/15 240/20, 280/12 200/15 160/20, 250/10 220/12 160/15


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