Okuma Boat Casting Rod

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For us at Okuma Fishing Tackle fishing is a life-long adventure. Collectively none of us fish as often catch as many or are as consistently successful as we would like and thankfully so. Fishing is not a destination; it’s an endless pursuit that begins long before we ever get to the water. The anticipation of the next opportunity is as valuable as the time spent on the water.

At Okuma they craft the tools for the journey. From entry-level through expert every rod and reel is constructed not only to execute but also to excite energize and exhilarate. From feeling the tap tap tap of a drift rig searching its way along the bottom of a steelhead stream to turning a lifeless lead jig into a fleeing bait-fish in the salt every cast crank bobber down and hookup are the rich details of the journey.

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7'0", 7', 7', 7', 7', 7'


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E, E, A, A, B, B


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