Berkley Mudcat Casting Rod

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Product Namepoweractionlengthline ratingpieces
Berkley BCMUD702MHMedium/HeavyModerate Fast7'12 - 30 lbs2
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Berkley BCMUD661MMediumModerate6'6"10 - 20 lbs1
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Berkley BCMUD601MHMedium/HeavyModerate Fast6'12 - 30 lbs1
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The Berkley Mudcat goes above and beyond. Fiberglass blank construction with rubberized shrink wrapped handles and durable double footed guides this rod is built for the catfish angler and ready for a beating.

Additional information


Baitcasting, Baitcasting, Baitcasting


7', 6'6", 6'


Medium/Heavy, Medium, Medium/Heavy


Moderate Fast, Moderate, Moderate Fast


2, 1, 1

Lure Rating

1 – 4 oz, 1/2 – 3 oz, 1 – 4 oz

Blank Material

Fiber Glass, Fiber Glass, Fiber Glass

Line Rating

12 – 30 lbs, 10 – 20 lbs, 12 – 30 lbs

Handle Material

Rubber Shrink Tube, Rubber Shrink Tube, Rubber Shrink Tube


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