Berkley Glowstik Spinning Rod

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Product Namepoweractionlengthline ratingpieces
Berkley BSGLOW802MHMedium/HeavyModerate/Fast8'12 - 30 lbs2
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Berkley BSGLOW661MMediumModerate6'6"10 - 20 lbs1
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The next generation for night fishing rods. The 2nd generation Berkley Glowstik rod series is over spec’d. Fiberglass blank construction extended rubberized shrink wrapped handles and a one touch battery operated red LED optimized with a fiber optic cable creating a full glow to the rod tip. The Glowstik is built for freshwater and saltwater.

Additional information


Spinning, Spinning


8', 6'6"


Medium/Heavy, Medium


Moderate/Fast, Moderate


2, 1

Lure Rating

2 – 6 oz, 1/2 – 3 oz

Blank Material

Fiber Glass, Fiber Glass

Line Rating

12 – 30 lbs, 10 – 20 lbs

Handle Material

Rubber Shrink Tube, Rubber Shrink Tube


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