Abu Garcia Revo Winch Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

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Product Namehandlegear ratioretrieve ratebearingsbraking system
Abu Garcia REVO4 WNCH-LLeft5.4:122"9Magnetic/Centrifugal
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Abu Garcia REVO4 WNCHRight5.4:122"9Magnetic/Centrifugal
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Whether you find yourself on Clear Lake Lake of the Woods or Lake El Salto big baits are a necessary evil and finding a reel that can handle the stress of throwing these baits can be exhausting. Built for crankbait fishing and other high resistance baits the Revo Winch low profile baitcast reel is designed with a low 5.4:1 gear ratio for added cranking power. The improved more efficient and powerful D2 Gear Design combined with the extended throw handle and oversized knobs allows for effortless hours of cranking power.

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Baitcasting, Baitcasting


Left, Right

Gear Ratio

5.4:1, 5.4:1

Retrieve Rate

22", 22"

Braking System

Magnetic/Centrifugal, Magnetic/Centrifugal


9, 9

Max Drag

24 lbs, 24 lbs

Reel Size

Low Profile, Low Profile

Drag Type

Star Drag, Star Drag

Drag Material

Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber


7.55 oz, 7.55 oz


Freshwater, Freshwater

Mono Capacity

225/10 180/12 130/15, 225/10 180/12 130/15

Braid Capacity

235/20 180/30 125/50, 235/20 180/30 125/50


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