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Offshore Fishing with Darcie Arahill is The Reel Deal

For fishing enthusiasts preferring a little peace and quiet, heading out to a tranquil lakeshore or a secluded pond to wet a hook is as good as it gets.

Darcie Arahill is not that kind of angler.


A Miami native born and raised just minutes from some of the best offshore fishing in the world, Darcie Arahill–known to her YouTube fans as Darcizzle–puts an adrenaline-charged spin on saltwater fishing that has reeled in over 100,000 social media fans, followers and likes, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.


Arahill has been a self-described “water baby” from the start. “I’ve been fishing since the age of three years old,” Arahill told “I started fishing with my dad [on his] 18-foot Gheenoe, and every summer we would go snapper fishing and lobstering together.” According to Darcie, she’s been hooked ever since.


With her proximity to some of the best offshore fishing in the world, it’s easy to see why Arahill is still having fun on the water. “Over the last four years, I’ve been offshore fishing out of Boynton Beach, Florida. The Gulf Stream comes closest to our coast here than any other part of the US, bringing with it an abundance of fish funneling between the Bahamas and Florida. The sailfish that come through here make Boynton Beach an offshore angler’s paradise!”


Arahill’s love of sport fishing is rivaled only by her dedication to it: between a full-time job during the day and college courses at night, she still finds time to hit the high seas. “Sometimes we will get out there before work for a couple of hours and go wahoo fishing, and then we’ll come back in and I’ll get to work by nine, and then I’ll go [back out] after work.”


Living the salt life while making zero excuses. When it comes to offshore fishing, Darcie Arahill is the reel deal.

Photo: The photo above is a screen grab from one of Darcie’s videos. You can see the entire video here.


Want to follow Darcie Arahill’s offshore adventures? Check out her YouTube channel “Darcizzle Offshore,” featuring weekly videos, fishing reports and news from south Florida’s fishing scene. You can also follow Darcie on Twitter and Instagram, and like her on Facebook.

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