Nicole Spenc’s outdoor (and inshore) adventures

Nicole Spenc does not like cold weather.

“I grew up on boats, beaches and bikinis,” she said. “That’s why I like Florida. It’s hot here — I like to wear my bikini and relax on boats.”

If you talk to Spenc, though — or even just glance at her Instagram  or YouTube channel — it sure doesn’t seem like she does much relaxing. Especially on boats.

When she’s not fishing, Spenc is bowfishing (there’s even a calendar for that!). Or spearfishing. Or diving. Or hunting. Or driving between spots where she can do any of these things.

A Natural Reeler

She actually started bowfishing specifically for her calendar, “Bikini Bowfising.” As it happens, Spenc not only found it to be fun, but she’s also a natural.

“Turns out, I was a good shot. It only took me 12 shots to get my first fish,” she says.

Being a natural reeler is likely genetic. Spenc’s father was a commercial shrimper who fished out of Jacksonville, and her mom told her stories about going gigging for flounder when she was eight months pregnant with Nicole.

“I’ve been fishing since before I was born,” she says.

Growing up near the Intracoastal Waterway, and all its estuarine habitat, the lifelong reeler is especially adept at targeting inshore species, such as redfish, sea trout, tripletail, mangrove snappers, cobia, and snook.

”I get a natural high to see all the different fish to catch, especially fish I haven’t caught before,” she says.

And like many of the species she goes after, Spenc is very sensitive to water temperature.

“We were spearfishing, and I could see the cobia, but the water was freezing. I had to get out,” she said. Not surprisingly, Spenc was wearing a bikini; everyone else was in wetsuits.

Embracing Outdoor Adventure

Spenc currently lives in Orlando but will be moving to Venice, Louisiana, the self-proclaimed “fishing capital of the world.” What makes the area so productive is the combination of fresh and salt water, a lot of structure, and short runs to deep water. So, you can boat a yellowfin tuna and bull redfish on the same day and in the same boat.

And this plays directly into Spenc’s goals of becoming a complete outdoor adventurer who is involved — and involves her audience — in many pursuits.

“That’s why I’m always trying new things, like spearfishing,” she says. “I want to inspire people to follow their passion by following me on my adventures.”

Another of Spenc’s new adventures will be working with a Venice charter company, helping them market to adventure-seeking reelers. With her promotional experience, there’s no doubt she’ll be an asset to the company.

She discovered the niche market where modeling and fishing intersect a few years ago but has only been doing it herself for the last couple. Now she has sponsors — like Pelagic, Orca Coolers, Ocean Tamer, and Danco Pliers — along with a tens of thousands of followers.

“It took a little while,” she says. “But I figured out how to post, what to post, and now I understand what good content is.”

From where we’re sitting, Nicole’s content sure looks pretty good to us.


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