Natalie Henderson: Through the Thick and Thin

A native of Daytona Beach, Natalie Henderson (@killingmoon82 on Instagram) managed to make her way to Memphis, Tennessee. In spite of growing up to some seriously good inshore and freshwater reeling, fishing was not huge thing for Natalie when she was growing up.

A couple years ago, though, Natalie caught “freshwater fever” when her friend Chris took her out on Glen Springs Lake and she landed her first catfish. Ever since, the busy mother of two hasn’t looked back.

Now, she not only fishes whenever she can, but Natalie is also a pro for The Slough Life.

“I was the third added to the crew,” she says. “And the first female angler.”

One of the reasons that Natalie agreed to join their staff is because she uses and really like their products.

“I wear their gear, [and] use all of their handmade lures and soft plastics,” she says. “I 100 percent stand by their products.”

Natalie really appreciates the skill and craftsmanship that The Slough Life puts into their gear.

“They screen print all the shirts themselves, hand-tie the skirts on the spinners and jigs and even pour the lead for the lures, themselves,” she says. “I sometimes help in the background with contests and model all the women’s gear for the online store.”

In spite of how busy Natalie can get, the ophthalmic assistant to get out on the water and fish. But she has an interesting problem.

“No matter what I fish for, I end up catching bass,” she says. “I can go after crappie, and I catch bass. I go after catfish, and I catch bass.”

“When I complain to people, they look at me like I’m crazy.”

In spite of her freshwater fever, Natalie still does plenty of saltwater fishing, like when she visits her hometown. But this has created problems in its own right.

“Now, my son only wants to fish in the ocean,” she says. “He doesn’t want to go fishing with me around here, anymore.”

Although, her son is currently less-than-enthusiastic about freshwater fishing, Natalie still manages to find time on the water.

“I occasionally do fishing outings with Chris, when we have time,” she says. “But that’s so rare.”

But, in truth, Natalie really prefers to fish alone.

“Fishing is how I get my alone time,” she says.

And for Natalie, it’s about much more than catching the fish — bass or otherwise.

“Being near the water just makes me feel at home,” Natalie says. “It’s the most peaceful thing ever.”


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