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Moon(fish) over Maryland

The last thing Austin Ensor expected to catch in the cold Maryland waters was a tropical fish. Ensor caught a 105-pound opah, or “moonfish,” in Ocean City in early November, according to Fox 5 DC.

OPAH! Austin and his crew show off their 105 lb. moonfish.

Ensor was reeling in a 80-pound swordfish when the opah took the bait as well. After a 90-minute battle, Ensor and his friends had no idea what a rarity here they landed. Then he realized he’d seen similar fish on West Coast and Hawaii friends’ Instagram accounts.

“I saw him come up and I said it’s an opah,” Ensor told Fox 5.

It’s unknown why an opah was in chillier waters since it’s typically found in tropical areas. Served frequently in Hawaii, opah has increased in popularity and is also used for sushi.  Enson’s catch may be the first opah, believed to be the only warm-blooded fish, caught non-commercially in Maryland. Even though fishing season is winding down in Maryland, Ensor said catching the speckled reddish moonfish was “probably a highlight of our season. That’s for sure.”

Now, to balance things out, we need someone to catch a Chesapeake blue crab in the Pacific.

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