Louis Cahill Is The Voice Of Responsible Fly Fishing

John Cagle – contributor


Louis Cahill is on a mission to instill responsible fly fishing practices in every angler working our fragile rivers and streams.


The professional photographer and editor of the website Gink & Gasoline has spent just as much time fly fishing over the last thirty years as he has looking through the lens of his camera, and his unique perspective has led to his vision of a world where topwater anglers work toward protecting the fish they land for love of the sport.


The popular fly fishing website, which garners roughly two million unique readers each year, helps Cahill get his message of conservation, best practices, and legislative news across to an angling audience that can make a real difference.


“We’re in pretty close touch with groups like Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelheaders United and Native Fish Society,” Cahill said in a recent interview. “We have friends at the upper levels of all these organizations, so we get made aware of stuff that’s happening. All those folks know that our social media channel is there to help them so if something needs attention we’re happy to help and get the word out about it.”


Cahill’s passion for spreading the good word about responsible fly fishing through his website is profound, and demonstrates his desire to couple fishing video tutorials and blog posts with a message of conservation designed to keep cold-water fish thriving in our rivers and streams for generations to come.


“Gink and Gasoline sees roughly two million unique readers a year. If you look at how much information we put out on how to fish, and you think about two million people out there reading that information, we are affecting the landscape of angling by making a whole lot of people more effective anglers–and I’m thrilled with that. I think everyone should be able to go out there and pick up a fly rod and catch a fish. I think it’s the most amazing thing in the world. It saved my life.


“But at the same time, if I’m going to educate that many people on how to catch fish, I need to work twice as hard to make sure that they’re responsible anglers, because otherwise they’re destroying the resource that I love.”


To learn more about Louis Cahill’s mission to bring the world of fly fishing to every angler while preserving marine wildlife and habitats for generations to come, check out his website at www.ginkandgasoline.com. Be sure to like his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter.

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