Reel Talk: Jennifer Lampkin rings our belle!

Everything is bigger in Texas–and bass are no exception! As if on cue, Jennifer Lampkin (@southernbellefishingtx)is on site pulling up a monster largemouth bass, smiling from cheek to cheek. Born and raised in East Texas, Jennifer knows a thing or two about tackling big fish that northerners might only dream of. For her, though, it’s […]

Fin-Telligence: The oft-misunderstood Fallfish

If you are an avid cold-water angler, then you know that clean, cold water isn’t only attractive to salmonids like trout, char, and salmon. Other fish enjoy the benefits of high-oxygenation and clear channels with lots of insect life. Today we are shining a little light on one of the “nuisance” fish that can ruin […]

Why Should You Learn How to Fish? That’s a Good Question

They say that nothing worth having comes easy, and this is certainly true when it comes to catching fish. Learning how to fish is anything but easy. Getting started involves handling sharp things with unfamiliar motor skills, there are plenty of confusing knots to memorize, and because the activity has an infinite skill ceiling, it […]

How to Tie Fishing Knots – Two of the Best Fishing Knots to Know by Heart

Knowing how to tie fishing knots can make or break your experience on the water. For all the knots there are to wrap your head around, few are as valuable to memorize as the improved clinch knot and double uni knot.

Joe Boula: Slayin’ New Jersey

Joe Boula (@bassin_nj on Instagram) has pretty much lived his whole life in New Jersey. “Technically, I was born out of state,” he says. “But I don’t know anything but New Jersey.” From his hometown of Edison, Joe runs the New Jersey Trail for Slay Nation Tournament Fishing, a tournament dedicated to people who fish […]

Duayne Foust: Losing and Finding Himself in Fishing

Duayne Foust (@duaynefoust on Instagram) was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, where he’s been fishing since he was ten years old. “My father took me the first time, but then I started going with my grandpa,” he says. “But I didn’t really get serious about fishing until six years ago.” Duayne never took a break […]

No Matter the Season, @4Seasonsflygals are Reelin’

Back in September 2016, Texan Karen Clark was visiting Vail, Colorado with her husband, some friends — Beth Paterson and Leisha Scaling — and their husbands. “Our husbands were golfers,” she says. “And we were looking for something fun to do. So, we decided to try fly fishing.” Karen, Beth, and Leisha had never really fished […]

Matt Becker: Tearin’ Up the Tour

Matt Becker (@mbeckerfishing on Instagram) lives in Pittsburgh, where he was born and raised. He also happens to be the 2018 FLW Tour Rookie of the Year. “I’ve been fishing since I was born,” he says, laughing. “My dad got me into it.” Go out with his dad, Matt started fishing in a pretty typical […]

Ken Tanaka has a wish4fish

Ken Tanaka (@wish4fish on Instagram), who grew up in North Carolina, has been reeling since he was four years old. “It was a major thing I did with my father,” he says. “And I’ve always been very technical about fishing — even with conventional gear.” As his career — as a DJ and also in […]

Happy Payne’s Happy Place

Although Happy Payne (@thehappypayne on Instagram) was born in White Plains, New York, she grew up in Houston, Texas and settled in the Nashville area more than two decades ago. Nashville is where she met her husband, photographer Adrian David Payne, who also happened to introduce Happy to fishing. “I started fishing about 10 years […]

T-Roy’s Cast for Kids practice run

When Cast for Kids asked T-Roy to participate this year…of course he said yes. We joined him on the day before during his practice run and he showed us a little bit of the old fashioned patience you need when the fish are giving you trouble.  

J.T. Bagwell: ‘Worry about the fishing, not the money.’

J.T. Bagwell (@BagwellFishing on Instagram) was born in Rock Island, Illinois, but he grew up with his grandparents in nearby Geneseo, which is just east of the Quad Cities. His grandpa got him into fishing. “We’d fish nearby and go on fishing trips,” J.T. says. “We’d go to Lake Michigan and catch salmon and trout, […]

Turnin’ up the bass with Matt Milatz

Matt Milatz (@milatz_matthew on Instagram) is a rare breed in his Pacific Northwest neighborhood of Puyallup, Washington. You see, in a part of the United States renowned for its salmon, steelhead and trout fishing, Matt is a bass reeler. “When I was kid, I started out fishing rivers and stuff for salmon,” he says. “My […]

Hannah Kramer: The Redheaded Angler

Growing up as a kid in Colorado, Hannah Kramer (@redheaded_angler on Instagram) fished but would “get bored after like 20 minutes.” It was not until after her father passed away three years ago that Hannah picked up a rod again. “He was a huge fly angler,” she says. “About a year after he passed away, […]

Krysten Potega: Chasing the Next Big One

Although Krysten Potega (@KrystenPotega on Instagram) has hooked into a 20-inch tiger muskie and pulled a 40-incher up through the ice, she isn’t satisfied. “I want to get a decent-sized muskie in open water,” she says. The Northern Illinois native — now a resident of Wisconsin — has been fishing “since before I could walk, […]

Abigale DeVane: ‘Reel’ Blonde, Real Angler

Before settling down in the Tampa, Florida area, Abigale DeVane (@ReelBlondeAngler on Instagram) “lived all over the place,” including gorgeous fishing hotspots like Montana. “I was an Air Force kid,” she says. “But I’ve lived in Plant City the longest of anywhere.” Abigale has been fishing almost all her life. “I would go out all […]

Reelin’ hawgs in the Pacific Northwest with Austin Redding

BASSSAlthough he’s been fishing his entire life — since he was two years old, anyway — Austin Redding (@PNWBassin on Instagram) didn’t start chasing bass until about three years ago. The Central Washington University freshman has been exploring the lakes and rivers of his home state, which is not particularly known for bass fishing. “Even […]

Fat Cat Newton is the best reeler he’s ever met

Fat Cat Newton (@FatCatNewton on Instagram) loves both the Bassmaster Classic and ICAST. But he’s not a pro. “I’m just a super fanboy,” he says. “I hang out at tournaments, go to the weigh-ins and hang out with pros.” That’s not to say Fat Cat doesn’t fish, himself, because he does — whenever he can […]

Reeler T-Roy Broussard Solves a Mystery

Check it out! Reeler T-Roy helps local officials get to the bottom of a mystery. Click the video and check it out! Good work, buddy!

Brian Robison: Reelin’ ‘em in for a Good Cause

Brian Robison has been fishing since he was a toddler. He remembers when he was four years old, going out with his dad to toss lures into his family’s backyard pond — an activity that they did several times a week. Being from Texas, Robison also had a bit of an interest in football. The […]

Outdoors Passion Fuels T-Roy Broussard

By David A. Brown Ask him his profession and T-Roy Broussard will tell you he’s a fireman. Truth – he’s served the Port Arthur Department for 25 years, the past decade as Captain. But ask him about his passion and that’s when the colorful details comes surging forward like a bull gator on a short […]

Get a grip: how to hold a bass properly

If you practice catch and release, the effect of gripping a fish by the mouth is maybe something many anglers haven’t considered. Is it safest to hold it vertically or horizontally? With a clamping scale? A biologist and two veterinarians devised an experiment to see what, if any, harm was done by different ways of […]

Video: T-Roy Broussard Bass Tips – Blacken the Braid

In crystal clear water, fish can see a braided line. In this video, T-Roy share his hack to outsmart them.

Video: T-Roy Broussard Bass Tips – Change Up Your Lure

Just because they stopped biting doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In this Tip/Hack video, pro reeler T-Roy Broussard talks about why it’s important to “change it up” when your line goes quiet.

Video: On The Sabine River System with T-Troy Broussard

This fall, T-Roy took us out to the Sabine River System and we got the video to prove it. But in case you missed it the first time, we decided to drop it again to close out our last week of bass week. And look out for more tips and hacks from T-Roy throughout the […]

Chasing Stripers in Their Mountain Home

Norfork Lake, in the Ozarks, is like a home in the mountains for striped bass, as well as the reelers that chase them. The nearest city — probably not coincidentally — is Mountain Home, Arkansas. “Mountain Home is a beautiful place with nice people, good restaurants, and a lot to do that’s not just fishing,” […]

SoCal Bass Reeling with Britanny, er… Bassett

Brittany Bassett (@Brittany BASSett on Instagram) prefers to fish alone. It’s nothing personal. However, in her experience as a woman who fishes, there always seems to be someone who wants to watch what she’s doing or offer advice. Or judge. But Bassett doesn’t need your help. She knows exactly what she’s doing, can handle it […]

Stark Truth

As a third-generation Miami native, Victoria Stark sees water as an extremely important part of her life. Stark began fishing as a young girl when her grandfather – a transportation writer for the Miami Herald – would take her and the rest of her family out on boats that he was reviewing for the paper. […]

Hookin’ Hogs with Herb

Herb Nagy has been fishing bass tournaments for more than a decade. A reeler all his life, Nagy got into tournament fishing when he gave up stock car racing. “I like competition and I like fishing,” he said. “So, when I wasn’t racing anymore, I figured I could compete fishing.” Although he worked in auto […]

Gabe Backhus: Big fish in a small pond

We all know the phrase, “A big fish in a small pond,” right? Well, Gabe Backhus has been a big fish all his life. And now he’s looking for more pond. The 16 year old from Herington, Kansas has been fishing since he was two, when his dad would take him down to the 26-acre […]

Cami Mantilla: Her Father’s Daughter

When Cami Mantilla (@cami_cakes_ on Instagram) was three years old, she moved with her parents from Bogotà, Colombia to Miami and eventually to Jacksonville, Florida. As a girl, Cami frequently fished with her father, Reinaldo, reeling in whatever was biting in the backwaters and rivers of the area. When she was nine, though, her parents […]

Walleyes through the Ice with Ana Leschishin

On the last weekend in January, the world’s biggest ice fishing tournament will take place on Gull Lake, near Brainerd, Minnesota. But Ana Leschishin — known to her Instagram fans as @ana_on_ice — won’t be there. Given her unabashed love for hard-water reeling, I was a little surprised to hear that the Duluth, Minnesota native […]

Ian Jones: Wallowing in Walleye

Ian Jones (@profishermanjones) has been fishing the rivers and lakes of Southern Ontario since he was boy. The Chatham, Ontario native grew up pulling out whatever fish the Thames River would give up. And then he focused. Now a guide, Jones puts his clients on fat, Detroit River walleye in April and May — as […]

Ian Jones: Wallowing in Walleye

Ian Jones (@profishermanjones) has been fishing the rivers and lakes of Southern Ontario since he was boy. The Chatham, Ontario native grew up pulling out whatever fish the Thames River would give up. And then he focused. Now a guide, Jones puts his clients on fat, Detroit River walleye in April and May — as […]

Fin-Telligence: Common Snook

Several species of snook, or ròbalo, are out there — six in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific — but only four species are capable of growing bigger than 10 pounds. Of these four, only one is found in U.S. waters, in the subtropical Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of México: the common snook […]

Fin-Telligence: Common Snook

Several species of snook, or ròbalo, are out there — six in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific — but only four species are capable of growing bigger than 10 pounds. Of these four, only one is found in U.S. waters, in the subtropical Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of México: the common snook […]

Tips and Hacks: Catfish

Because there are so many species of catfish — more than 50 in North America, alone — alone, you can’t really put together a “tips and hacks” article that will apply across the board. So, we’re gonna throw in some good general tips and then look a little more closely at “the big three” catfish: […]

The Chase for Catfish

Since he was five years old, Shane Chase has been hunting monsters on — or in — the Ohio River. The Rising Sun, Indiana native started chasing big blue cats and flatheads with his dad. In the 16 years that he’s been doing it, Chase has hooked some big cats and launched his own brand, […]

King of Cats

Sergio Posadas is the self-declared Catfish King. And after a glance at his YouTube channel, seeing the monster blue cats and flatheads he’s reeled in, I’m thinking, “It’s possible….” Posadas lives in Allen, Texas, and for more than a decade, the reeler has chased the big cats on the Trinity River and its impoundments, Lake […]

Chastenation: Casting Further

Every time Chasten Whitfield fishes Florida waters in her custom-built boat, she attracts attention. The boat is wrapped with bold pink letters that spell out the name of her brand, “Chastenation,” and the 18-year-old is well-known for her tournament winnings and avid angler life. However, what makes Chasten stand out amongst her competition is not […]

Chasing Steelhead with One “Bad Ash” Guide

Growing up in Elma, Washington — on the Olympic Peninsula — Ashley Lewis didn’t have many entertainment choices. She lived with her mom, a single parent. But her world was outside the house. “My mom exposed me to all things outdoors.” But it was a group of friends who exposed Lewis to fishing when she […]

Paul Castellano: Steelheading on the Niagara

Hamilton, Ontario native Paul Castellano has been fishing for as long as he can remember. “The oldest pictures I can find are from when I was three or four years old,” he says. His dad was a “steelhead guy,” who was also a competitive bass and walleye reeler. He’d chase bass and walleye all summer […]

Gone Fishin’ (for steelhead) with Leslie Ajari

When she was 10 years old, Leslie Ajari learned to fly fish on the Truckee River, her home waters, near her home town of Truckee, California. Twenty years later, Ajari lives in Medford, Oregon and runs a steelhead guiding service, Gal Gone Fishin’. Although she typically guides the Upper and Lower Rogue River, Ajari works […]

Fin-Telligence: Steelhead

Put simply, steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are nothing but migratory rainbow trout. Yet, they are oh-so-much-more than that. Just ask any reeler who’s tried to hook one. Fishing for steelhead is a lot like golf (the way I play, anyway): Hours and days of frustration sustained only by the hope of hitting that elusive sweet spot. […]

Motor City Muskies: Reeling with Kyle Moxon

Kyle Moxon chases monsters. And he’ll help you do it, too. For four seasons, as the proprietor of Moxon’s Guide Service, the 27 year-old Windsor, Ontario native has been putting people on muskies on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. He loves guiding because of all the different people he meets and personalities he […]

Tips and Hacks: Muskies

Muskies are the largest member of the pike family and are often the biggest predatory fish in their home waters — possibly because they eat most of the competition. There are two types of muskies out there: Your basic muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) and the tiger muskie, which is a northern pike/muskie hybrid. The latter are […]

Grinding for Muskies with Jake Bowles

By day, Jake Bowles is welder and fabricator. And pretty much all other times, the Courtice, Ontario native is a reeler. Following in the footsteps of both his parents, Bowles has been fishing ever since he was old enough to hold a rod. Like most of us, he started just throwing out a line and […]

Fin-Telligence: Muskies

Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) — “muskie” or “musky” to most reelers — are the biggest members of the pike family, and they’re the big bad wolves of freshwater. They’re elusive, relatively uncommon, have huge maws full of sharp teeth (all the better to eat you with), stalk their prey, and attack hard. All the qualities that […]

Tips and Hacks: Brown Trout

Brown trout (salmo trutta) can be found in cool freshwater — think high latitudes and high altitudes — across the United States, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia. They are a favorite target of reelers around the globe, even supplanting the popularity of native brook trout in the U.S. once they were introduced in the late […]

The 10 Most Extreme Fishing Destinations

Fishing is like real estate: the key is location, location, location. The site you choose will determine the nature of your adventure, and while most reelerz opt for a calm, relaxing destination, some have more extreme tastes. The following 10 sites provide a healthy dose of danger, allowing you to catch fish while battling nature’s […]

Fin-Telligence: Trout

After a rainstorm, if you’ve got a puddle of water in your backyard, chances are there’s trout in it. Think I’m kidding? Trout are among the most prevalent gamefish on the planet. According to wildlife biologists, there are 34 recognized species in North America alone. Double (some experts say triple) that figure on a global […]

Planning Your Alaska Fishing Adventure

Alaska might just be the world’s greatest destination for sportfishing. Its salmon and halibut fisheries are legendary. There aren’t many places you can land a 300-pound halibut in the morning, a 50- to 100-pound salmon in the afternoon, and then do battle with a trophy trout or pike before you call it quits for the […]

All-Inclusive Alaskan Fishing Adventures Kick Ass

One of the best and most convenient ways to explore Alaska and experience its many adventures is through an all-inclusive vacation. All-inclusives take the guesswork and hassle out of travel. You simply ‘arrive and thrive,’ leaving the tedium of planning to the pros. Alaska and Fishing Vacations The largest state in the union by a […]

All Inclusive Alaska Fishing, The Phantom Tri-River Charters Way

Rhett Nealis may have quite possibly the greatest job in the world, or at least in Alaska. As owner of Phantom Tri-River Charters, he manages a fleet of seven jet boats at what many consider one of the state’s finest fishing destinations: Talkeetna, a place with excellent view of the Alaska mountain range, and where […]

10 Alaska Fishing Outfitters You Need to Know

Whether your fantasy fishing adventure involves angling for speckled rainbow trout in a sparkling alpine creek or jigging for salmon in an ocean-going vessel off the shores of the Tongass National Forest, Alaska’s got the stuff of your dreams. From the southern tip of the panhandle to hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle in […]

For Professional Bass Fisherman Mike Iaconelli, Perseverance is the Name of the Game

It’s hard for the average kid hitting the local fishing hole to imagine his or her weekend passion would ever amount to a lucrative fishing career. But for Mike Iaconelli, that’s exactly how his professional bass fishing career began. “I’ve been fishing since I could hold a fishing rod,” says the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion. […]

Often Overlooked, Never Underappreciated

Every savy angler knows about the trophy ‘bows lurking in the Taylor River in the mountains above Gunnison, Colorado.  In the shadow of these beasts, live the most unique and colorful brown trout we have ever seen.  Their spots and tails can be such a vibrant hue of red that we regularly mistook them for rainbow trout […]

Zack Birge Is Living The FLW Tour Dream

Just two short years ago, Zack Birge’s day job consisted of working full time as a wind turbine technician in his home state of Oklahoma, troubleshooting and fixing enormous windmills during the week while entering qualifying fishing tournaments in what little spare time he had on the weekends.   Fast-forward to present day, and Zack […]

Have You Heard About This Bass Fishing Wonder Woman?

by Debbie Hanson Katie Jackson has one of those warm and confident personalities that pretty much draws you in from the moment you meet her — just don’t get too comfortable around this tenacious lady angler if you happen to be her competition in a bass fishing tournament. She can trailer, launch, and land the […]

T-Roy got to hang with Mark Davis and his son at the Forrest Wood Cup