Adventuring with Maria Prekeges and Jon White

Save $400. Have fun. Learn at your own pace. Sounds good, right? That’s essentially the mission statement that lures Maria Prekeges and Jon White outdoors. And they mean it!

Fin-Telligence: The elusive tiger trout!

When learning about the various quarries that can attract reelers to the outdoors, there are a few time-honored stalwarts that come to mind. Rainbow trout, largemouth bass, tarpon, grouper–all are among the first to cross the mind of a new angler. Murkier water comes with the territory, both literally and figuratively, and even species aren’t […]

Fin-Telligence: Brown Trout

Left to their own devices, brown trout (salmo trutta) would own the world’s freshwater. They’re aggressive, voracious predators that start young, picking off insects and invertebrates that inhabit the same streams, rivers, and lakes. Bigger specimens (and they DO get big: more than 40 lbs.) make life miserable for their smaller neighbors, snacking happily on […]

No Matter the Season, @4Seasonsflygals are Reelin’

Back in September 2016, Texan Karen Clark was visiting Vail, Colorado with her husband, some friends — Beth Paterson and Leisha Scaling — and their husbands. “Our husbands were golfers,” she says. “And we were looking for something fun to do. So, we decided to try fly fishing.” Karen, Beth, and Leisha had never really fished […]

Nick Vlahos hooks fish on Sandbars

Nick Vlahos (@sandbar_flies on Instagram) was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but he grew up in Georgia. An avid fly angler, these days Nick travels between homes in Louisiana and Destin, Florida. “I grew up in Georgia, mainly. I started fishing when I was four or five,” he says. “But I didn’t start fly fishing until I […]

Ken Tanaka has a wish4fish

Ken Tanaka (@wish4fish on Instagram), who grew up in North Carolina, has been reeling since he was four years old. “It was a major thing I did with my father,” he says. “And I’ve always been very technical about fishing — even with conventional gear.” As his career — as a DJ and also in […]

Emma Brown: Rocky Mountain Fly

Emma Brown (@EmmaBrownTrout on Instagram) has been fishing since she could walk. “Well, I’d stand in the river next to my dad, anyway” she says. “I was always outdoors, always near the river.” Emma didn’t pick up her own rod and reel until she was eight years old. Of course, it was a fly rod. […]

Julie Cyr: The land (and sea) provides

Native Oregonian Julie Cyr (@outdoor_jules on Instagram) grew up with a deep knowledge of the outdoors and how to make her way in the natural world. “My grandmother fished and hunted,” she says. “Even when my twin sister and I were really young, we watched our dad build his own fly rods, tie his own […]

Hannah Kramer: The Redheaded Angler

Growing up as a kid in Colorado, Hannah Kramer (@redheaded_angler on Instagram) fished but would “get bored after like 20 minutes.” It was not until after her father passed away three years ago that Hannah picked up a rod again. “He was a huge fly angler,” she says. “About a year after he passed away, […]

Angie Allsup and her Fly Fishing Flygirls

Angie Allsup (@flyfishing_flygirls on Instagram) was born in Colorado. “But I didn’t grow up there,” she says. “My parents moved to Southern California when I was really little and that’s where I grew up. But living in Colorado had an influence on my parents, and we would go camping and fishing often.” Angie spent most […]

Causwell: Building a family fishing (and outdoor) brand

Steve Weinstein runs the day-to-day operations of Causwell, a brand that specializes in bringing simplicity to fishing apparel and gear, in particular, and to the outdoor lifestyle, in general. Steve is an avid fly reeler, himself. A native New Yorker, he chases stripers on the Connecticut coast and off the tip of Long Island. More […]

Win a 12′ Tenkara Rod from Causwell

GIVEAWAY!! Win a 12′ Tenkara Rod with Storage Tube from Causwell! A 12′ telescoping Causwell Tenkara rod. Fishing made simple for hitting more open water. Best suited for fishing with dry flies or light streamers. 12′ rod – 6:4 action Carbon fiber rod telescopes from 20” to 12’ 12′ leader Cork handle 192 g – (6.7oz) […]

Don’t blame the fly Messinger

When Jonathan Messinger (@flymessinger on Instagram) was a teen growing up in Colorado, he took up fly fishing to get out of the house. That and snowboarding. “My mom didn’t want me just sitting around hanging out with my stoner friends,” he says. “She was into fly fishing. So, she bought me a fly rod […]

Kate Watson: Guiding the beautiful places

It’s the grizzlies that live in British Columbia’s interior that give Kate Watson (@katywat on Instagram) pause. “The interior grizzlies hunt mammals like deer and moose,” she says. “But the coastal bears are just fishing like me. I’ve had a mama bear with cubs come out out of the brush not 15 feet from where […]

Jasper Pääkkönen: Fly Fisherman

“It’s a way of life, like surfing or yoga,” explained Jasper Pääkkönen. “More than an actor or entrepreneur or even a Finn, I consider myself a fly fisherman.” Pääkkönen is also a busy man. A very successful actor in his country — the Finnish tabloid IltaSanomat once called him Finland’s “most profitable film actor” — […]

Allison Helen Hendricks and the Music of Fly Casting

Allison Helen Hendricks’ father tied his own flies and made his own fly rods. He put one in Allison’s hands when she was five years old. Despite her fly fishing legacy, she didn’t make a cast in her teens or much of her twenties. It was not until a decade or so ago, when Allison […]

Flats on the the Fly with Capt. Steven Lamp

Captain Steven Lamp is a third-generation Florida waterman. In 1994, after stints in the Coast Guard, as a dive boat operator, and a competitve spear fisherman, he decided to become a flats fishing guide. He moved to the Keys, below Seven Mile Bridge, and Capt. Lamp has been doing it full time ever since. Funny […]

Chasing Steelhead with One “Bad Ash” Guide

Growing up in Elma, Washington — on the Olympic Peninsula — Ashley Lewis didn’t have many entertainment choices. She lived with her mom, a single parent. But her world was outside the house. “My mom exposed me to all things outdoors.” But it was a group of friends who exposed Lewis to fishing when she […]

Paul Castellano: Steelheading on the Niagara

Hamilton, Ontario native Paul Castellano has been fishing for as long as he can remember. “The oldest pictures I can find are from when I was three or four years old,” he says. His dad was a “steelhead guy,” who was also a competitive bass and walleye reeler. He’d chase bass and walleye all summer […]

Gone Fishin’ (for steelhead) with Leslie Ajari

When she was 10 years old, Leslie Ajari learned to fly fish on the Truckee River, her home waters, near her home town of Truckee, California. Twenty years later, Ajari lives in Medford, Oregon and runs a steelhead guiding service, Gal Gone Fishin’. Although she typically guides the Upper and Lower Rogue River, Ajari works […]

Casting for Recovery: A global flyfishing movement for breast cancer survivors

In 1996, two friends created a fly fishing retreat program for female breast cancer survivors. The two women, a professional fly fisher and a breast reconstruction surgeon, started a grassroots organization that now spans the globe. This year, Casting for Recovery (CfR) has had 54 national retreats, and they are consistently growing due to their […]

Tips and Hacks: Brown Trout

Brown trout (salmo trutta) can be found in cool freshwater — think high latitudes and high altitudes — across the United States, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia. They are a favorite target of reelers around the globe, even supplanting the popularity of native brook trout in the U.S. once they were introduced in the late […]

Chelsea Baum, the Cherokee Fly Girl, Knows Her Home

Chelsea Baum — better known on Instagram as Cherokeeflygirl — was flicking some practice casts when the fat rainbow hit her fly. Filson, the clothing outfitter, had corralled Baum for a photo shoot on the Yuba River. On a drift boat, the photographers were taking a break when the trout struck.   It ran under […]

Chasing Brownies with Brian Wise

Fishing the rivers of Southern Missouri, Brian Wise never thought about being a guide — but he’s been at it now for more than 15 years. “I pretty much fell into guiding in 2001. I had never really… had any aspirations to be a guide, but I got an offer to try it out and […]

An intro to flyfishing in Colorado

Our friends Michael Dalton and Jon Rohman created this stunning visual journey and introduction to Colorado flyfishing for us as he explores the streams around Eleven Mile State Park. Check it out.  

Stories on the Fly: Andrew Engel’s quest for big browns to hook and shoot

Growing up, Andrew Engel had to travel for hours to feed his passion for hooking trout. If his tale of woe sounds like the makings of a Merle Haggard lament, it’s probably because we was raised “in the desolate wasteland known as Bakersfield, California.” At least that’s how his website,, describes it. Fortunately, Engel’s […]

Catching One of Wisconsin’s Bruising Trophy Fish

If a fish could be sneaky, this would be that fish. But who doesn’t like an awesome challenge in the search and landing of a nice trophy fish? Not only that, they’re beloved by fishermen because of the challenge they pose and are therefore found in the majority of creeks, rivers, and seas throughout the […]

The 10 Most Extreme Fishing Destinations

Fishing is like real estate: the key is location, location, location. The site you choose will determine the nature of your adventure, and while most reelerz opt for a calm, relaxing destination, some have more extreme tastes. The following 10 sites provide a healthy dose of danger, allowing you to catch fish while battling nature’s […]

Planning Your Alaska Fishing Adventure

Alaska might just be the world’s greatest destination for sportfishing. Its salmon and halibut fisheries are legendary. There aren’t many places you can land a 300-pound halibut in the morning, a 50- to 100-pound salmon in the afternoon, and then do battle with a trophy trout or pike before you call it quits for the […]

All-Inclusive Alaskan Fishing Adventures Kick Ass

One of the best and most convenient ways to explore Alaska and experience its many adventures is through an all-inclusive vacation. All-inclusives take the guesswork and hassle out of travel. You simply ‘arrive and thrive,’ leaving the tedium of planning to the pros. Alaska and Fishing Vacations The largest state in the union by a […]

All Inclusive Alaska Fishing, The Phantom Tri-River Charters Way

Rhett Nealis may have quite possibly the greatest job in the world, or at least in Alaska. As owner of Phantom Tri-River Charters, he manages a fleet of seven jet boats at what many consider one of the state’s finest fishing destinations: Talkeetna, a place with excellent view of the Alaska mountain range, and where […]

Why Colorado Should Be Your Next Fly Fishing Destination

Whether you are a seasoned fly fishing fanatic, or are planning your very first experience, there are few better places than Colorado for your next fly fishing adventure. Colorado has many public lands, rivers and lakes surrounded by some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country and it all adds up to world class […]

10 Alaska Fishing Outfitters You Need to Know

Whether your fantasy fishing adventure involves angling for speckled rainbow trout in a sparkling alpine creek or jigging for salmon in an ocean-going vessel off the shores of the Tongass National Forest, Alaska’s got the stuff of your dreams. From the southern tip of the panhandle to hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle in […]

Often Overlooked, Never Underappreciated

Every savy angler knows about the trophy ‘bows lurking in the Taylor River in the mountains above Gunnison, Colorado.  In the shadow of these beasts, live the most unique and colorful brown trout we have ever seen.  Their spots and tails can be such a vibrant hue of red that we regularly mistook them for rainbow trout […]

Louis Cahill Is The Voice Of Responsible Fly Fishing

John Cagle – contributor   Louis Cahill is on a mission to instill responsible fly fishing practices in every angler working our fragile rivers and streams.   The professional photographer and editor of the website Gink & Gasoline has spent just as much time fly fishing over the last thirty years as he has looking […]

Board The Trout Bus to Support Fishing Conservation

As web designer and developer based in Central Oregon, Gabe Parr understood the weight that a meaningful online conversation could carry provided that it reached the right audience. However, it wasn’t his experience in the online world that provided the fuel for Trout Bus; but rather his passion for the outdoors, fly fishing, his involvement […]