The romance of largemouth bass fishing is not lost in the concrete jungle of Dallas, Texas as long as Thomas Apodaca is out slinging crank bait and sinking soft plastics.

“I really want to bring that out, especially to the younger people,” he said, “That just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t catch quality fish.”

This city dweller knows no bounds as he will fish any waters larger enough to launch a kayak.

Apodaca breaks out his rod and reel anywhere he and his kayak can go. He fishes the well-known lakes of northern Texas, such as Lake Ray Hubbard, but any small pond on the side of the road will do for this avid bass angler.

He points out the benefits of kayak fishing versus expensive bass boat fishing by stating, “I can go places that they’ll never get to, and I can go in there and just have a blast.”

His kayak is equipped with a trolling motor and fish finder, and Apodaca claims his setup does everything a bass boat does. “I can skid across any lake in North Texas no problem whatsoever and be out there by myself with peace and quiet…it’s nice. It’s really nice.”

Thomas makes casting from a kayak look like a cake walk.

Apodaca’s Instagram account is a testament to his success, and he is passionate about his photography.

“Largemouth bass fishing can be just as romantic as any other kind of fishing. It’s just how you present it, show the backgrounds, show the area you’re fishing, show the fish that you catch. Hold it up real close to the camera and see the colors, see how big its mouth is…”

He recommends lures on his Instagram account by shooting vibrant photos of the lures in the mouths of the bass.

“A picture can take what you are trying to get across to the next level.”

There is a beauty in the largemouth bass that Apodaca wants to be known.  “Everyone just thinks it’s different shades of green, but it depends on where you catch it,” he says. “If the water is kind of cool, this bass is going to be white and silver and grey…”

Apodaca makes the excitement of largemouth bass fishing clear. “There’s one predator out there that’s awesome, and that’s the largemouth bass. These things can be vicious. Once you get a big four to five pounder, and you’re looking at it up close, this thing is amazing.”

He also notes that a big bass will pull a kayak in the water, definitely adding to the excitement.

While he is a fan of Daiwa Zillion rods and is sponsored by Ardent reels, Apodaca encourages the beginning angler that it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money.

“Bass fishing is kind of crazy. You can buy 400-dollar fishing reels. You don’t have to do that. You can go on Craigslist, and you can find a nice combo for 50 bucks. As you get into it more, then you can spend more money.”

Apodaca has been into it for over 20 years, and he has a style of largemouth bass fishing that romanticizes the sport.  

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