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Deneshia Larson has a Natural Addiction

Deneshia Larson (@TheNaturalAddictionTV on Instagram) lives in Georgia — just north of Atlanta — but she grew up outside of Savannah.

“My parents divorced when I was two,” she says. “And I was the oldest grandchild, so my Papa started taking me out fishing and then hunting when I was 4-5 years old.”

Despite her proximity to the coast, Deneshia did not do a lot of saltwater fishing as a child.

“He would take me hunting and crabbing,” she says. “But when it came to fishing, it was mostly freshwater — in ponds and lakes.”

Later, Deneshia’s family moved to northern Florida.

“Even in Florida, we still mostly fished in lakes and ponds,” she says. “It wasn’t until I moved to Sarasota that I really discovered saltwater fishing — and I absolutely love saltwater.”

That doesn’t mean she’s kicked freshwater completely to the curb, though.

“I prefer saltwater fishing to freshwater,” Deneshia says. “I love freshwater fishing, I just love saltwater more… that question is kind of like asking which of your children you love more.”

When asked what style of fishing she likes best, Deneshia replied, “Right now, scalloping — because it’s scalloping season.”

Although if she really had to choose, she’d say inshore fishing.

“I also enjoy chasing mahi and catching small sharks — and then throwing them back, of course,” Deneshia says. “It’s exciting when your rod bends, and you feel it and you know there’s a shark on the end of your line.”

Deneshia’s love for fishing, hunting and the outdoors, in general, was well-chronicled on her Facebook page — which prompted content makers to approach her about appearing on camera.

“But they were all very serious,” she said. “When it comes to the outdoors, my motto is ‘Be safe and have fun.’ You should go out there, enjoy the outdoors and have a good time.”

But she wasn’t seeing any channels that embraced her outdoors philosophy of fun.

“I like shows where it looks like they’re having fun and I think, ‘I want to go do that,'” she says. “I like hosts that make me think ‘I’d like to have a beer with that person.'”

So, Deneshia, along with her husband, came up with the idea for The Natural Addiction.

“I thought, ‘How hard can it be to put on a show?'” she says. “I was naive.”

But they pulled it off, and The Natural Addiction is now a staple on The Pursuit Channel and later left for YouTube. The show highlights the couple’s fishing, hunting and outdoor adventures.

“My favorite fishing episode was the one where we scouting for the Big Rock Marlin tournament,” Denehsia says. “Everything clicked and worked perfectly; there was lots of camaraderie — it was phenomenal! We are for sure planning to run the Big Rock again next year.”

Now they film almost every weekend and are looking to expand their horizons, trying new and different things.

“We’re going to be snorkeling in the Bahamas next month, and we’re looking at a lobstering trip to the Keys and heading to Costa Rica for tuna fishing,” Deneshia says.

Another new thing for Deneshia is fly fishing.

“It’s a beautiful, rhythmic, artistic thing to see,” Deneshia says. “With fly fishing — and actually fishing in general — once you get into the rhythm of it, your mind just goes there and everything else just slips away. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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