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Darcie Arahill: Winter in South Florida is a Saltwater Fishing Fanatic’s Dream

If Jack Frost is starting to put a damper on your weekend fishing trips close to home, then perhaps it’s time to throw the winter coat back in the closet and plan a trip to sunny South Florida for a little offshore fishing.


With average highs in the mid 70s through the month of December, coupled with large weather fronts putting many saltwater fish on the move, conditions are perfect for any fisher venturing to South Florida this winter.


Recently we had the chance to speak with Darcie Arahill, an offshore angler hailing from Boynton Beach, Florida, about offshore fishing in the coming months now that things are cooling off a bit in Palm Beach County. What is the best part about fishing in southeast Florida?


Darcie Arahill: Number one is the weather. I get to fish year round when it’s actually nice out and I don’t have to worry about snow or anything like that.


R: What types of saltwater fish will you be targeting in the coming months?


DA: With winter coming up [the cooler weather] is actually going to make the fishing better for our area. With the north winds coming through, the cold fronts will be pushing a lot of sailfish to Boynton Beach. Another reason why our area is called Sailfish Alley is because the Gulf Stream comes so close to us here, and hundreds upon thousands of sailfish funnel through our area. A lot of great sailfish tournaments will be coming up soon!


Also, the bigger mahi-mahi will be moving through our area over the next couple of months. I will be doing a lot of kite fishing, which is just one of the things we do over here on our coast. Kite fishing is specifically for sailfish, but you can catch mahi, kingfish, sharks . . . pretty much anything [when you are] doing the kite fishing. Way different type of fishing, but it’s awesome!


R: Do you have a dream catch?


DA: I have a few, but I would definitely love to land a 100-pound tarpon. I have landed a small one before, but I really, really want to catch one of those monster six-foot-plus tarpons that do those crazy jumps, and see one of those beasts up close. They’re like dinosaurs, they are really cool looking fish, and very elusive. I’ve actually hooked quite a few of them, but every single time they spit the hook on me. I would really love the opportunity to bring one to the boat and actually see it up close and then go ahead and release him and see him swim away fine.


Want to follow Darcie Arahill’s offshore adventures? Check out her YouTube channel “Darcizzle Offshore,” featuring weekly videos, fishing reports and news from south Florida’s fishing scene. You can also follow Darcie on Twitter and Instagram, and like her on Facebook.

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