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Chasing monsters with Brodie Sciberras

Brodie Sciberras is “a born and bred Aussie.”

Currently living in Perth, on Australia’s west coast, Brodie has been fishing since he was a youngster.

“When I was a little bloke, my granddad loved his fishing!” he says. “So it all started back then when he used to sneak me out of school so he would have someone to fish with.”

All the time Brodie spent playing hooky with his grandfather fueled his passion for reeling.

“Ever since those times its always been in my blood to get out on the water and chase the monsters in the deep,” he says.

And Perth is the perfect place from which to stage his monster hunts.

“Fishing the Perth waters always can turn up something awesome,” Brodie says. “But living in a well-populated city, there are alot of fisherman that get out and raid the oceans. So, any chance I get I love driving north a few hours and fish the warmer waters and the more untouched places.”

The thing that most excites Brodie about fishing is never knowing just what he’s going to reel out of the water.

“No matter what waters you could be fishing there is always the unexpected guest that shows up,” he says.

And even when he’s actually trying to target a particular species, things don’t always work out the way he planned.

“You could be fishing for whiting or you could be fishing for marlin,” Brodie says. “And whatever the bait or lure size you always seem to hook the smallest fish on the biggest lures and vise versa.”

If he was limited to a single bait or lure, though, Brodie’s go-to are “snelled hooks with a ball sinker for bait, or a soft plastic, pearl colour for lure.”

But since he has his entire tacklebox to choose from, Brodie changes things up pretty frequently.

“Every single time I head out I’ll try whatever,” he says. “If something isn’t working, then on to the next thing. If one thing works one day, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna work the next.”

And his trick for locating fish?

“Guesstimation,” Brodie says. “I have found I catch my biggest fish when the sounder is showing nothing.”

But no matter what you’re going after, Brodie says it’s all about patience.

“Time, time, time and more time,” he laughs. “Keep on going until you exceed your expectations. You’ve got to have the right baits and lures, and keep going day after day, hour after hour until you land that monster.”

And that’s the drive that keeps Brodie out on the water.

“If you tell someone that you’ve been been out on the water for 12 hours, made over 1000 casts, and landed one fish, people will look at you weird and think, ‘That doesn’t sound like that much fun,’” he laughs. “But it’s all about the thrill of what the next thing is gonna be. There is always something bigger and better out there. That’s why us fisherman will go out all day, everyday: To land something bigger and better — plus the bragging rights, of course.”

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