Steve Weinstein runs the day-to-day operations of Causwell, a brand that specializes in bringing simplicity to fishing apparel and gear, in particular, and to the outdoor lifestyle, in general.

Steve is an avid fly reeler, himself. A native New Yorker, he chases stripers on the Connecticut coast and off the tip of Long Island. More recently, he’s turned his flies toward freshwater, as well.

When asked his favorite spot to fish, he doesn’t hesitate to name the Big Horn River in Montana.

“It’s gorgeous there,” he says. “And you don’t to have to put in a lot of effort to get the [brown and rainbow] trout to hit your fly.”

But Steve is so busy with Causwell, these days, that he doesn’t get out nearly as much as he would like to.

“Mike Schneider founded the brand and now runs marketing for Sundance Resort,” Steve says. “He’s stepped back from the day-to-day operations, so he gets out on the water a whole more than I do.”

Steve, on the other hand, has all the company’s operations to manage, along with their showroom in Alpine, New Jersey.

“When Mike founded Causwell in Salt Lake City, he wanted to bring all the colors and fun that you used to only see in snowboarding to ski gear and apparel,” Steve says. “But it quickly morphed into an outdoor brand.”

As it turns out, “most people were looking for layering pieces, and there were no young, fresh-looking brands in the space.”

So, Causwell focused its design energies on mountain, fishing and SPF-rated apparel.

“We wanted to make simple, comfortable stuff,” Steve says. “Simple cuts, simple graphics and clean looks. Most of the design work was done by Jason Eichhorst who also does design work for some of our other brands, like Surface Skis and Joystick.”

Getting younger people involved in the outdoors in one of Causwell’s major goals.

“Causwell is a fishing family brand,” Steve says. “Mike [Schneider] and his family are our biggest ambassadors.”

(Dane Ulsifer is another of their ambassadors — and the brand is always looking for others.)

To reflect the brand’s simplicity ethic, Causwell sells only tenkara rods. Tenkara is a Japanese style of extremely simple fly fishing.

“It’s just you, a line[, a fly] and a fish,” Steve says. “There is no reel and no fancy equipment. It’s a great way for kids to get started with fly fishing.”

Causwell will have 4-foot tenkara rods, geared for kids, back in the catalog this summer. Along with the 8 and 12-foot rods they already stock, the brand is also adding a 14-foot tenkara rod.

“The longer, stiffer rods are ideal for saltwater and swift-water fishing,” Steve says. “I can’t wait to try one out when the stripers are running.”

Also coming to the catalog is a basic accessory kit that will include flies and tippet for the tenkara rods.

As their fishing gear implies, Causwell is about “having fun in the outdoors without all the gadgets and stuff.”

“Causwell is about people being outside as much as possible and as comfortable as possible,” Steve says.

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