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Captain Krista Tucker: A Bigger Badass Than You

If you think no one lives the Salt Life better than you, then you obviously haven’t met Captain Krista Tucker.


It’s no secret that sport fishing has been a male-dominated sport since its glorious conception, but trailblazers like Captain Krista have recently been giving the fellas a run for their money. One look at Ms. Tucker’s Instagram and you’ll soon discover the cigar-smoking 25-year-old Sea School graduate can likely outfish you, outsail you, and outdrink you–all while using her epic hashtag skills to inform her 10,000-plus followers that you just got beat by a girl.


Krista hauls in a monster tarpon AND maintains the smile.

Tucker has reeled in large audiences through various social-media outlets such as YouTube and Instagram, while inspiring women all over the world to ditch the labels and cast a line. Although most women have come around to the notion that recreational fishing isn’t for the good ‘ole boys alone, many ladies are even more reluctant to give professional sport fishing a shot.


“That’s why I have a lot of guy friends,” says Tucker, a traveling angler, adventurer and Under Armour sponsored athlete. Tucker acknowledged most women would likely fall in love with the sport if they would just give it a try.


“You enjoy fishing more when you’re good at it, and a lot of women aren’t exposed to it, or have had someone to throw them into it and show them what to do. It can be discouraging, maybe even a little embarrassing, to try [fishing] and not be so good at it.”


Tucker may be downright outnumbered by her male counterparts, but she does have one friend, Cindy Nguyen, who is always on-board with booking a last-minute flight halfway around the globe for a few days of sport fishing and fast living. The two of them recently kicked off a female fishing expedition to Southeast Asia, where the barramundi and pacu populations are sure to take a hit by the time the ladies leave town.  


“My friend’s whole family is from Vietnam. We’ll be traveling to some islands in the region as well, so I’m bringing fly rods, spinning rods . . . I’ve got pretty much everything on deck for that. I’m getting on a 16-hour flight and seeing where it goes.”


Traveling to the other side of the world for the promise of a bite or two. Who says girls don’t take sport fishing seriously?


To learn more about Captain Krista Tucker’s fishing adventures, check out her Facebook page, and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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