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Amanda Gilbert is a Physician Assistant who loves to fish, hunt, and dive. She is based out of Clearwater, Florida. She has been fishing since she was 3 years old. She travels when ever she can in search of that next great fishing adventure. Video Series Description Follow all of Amanda’s Florida adventures as she takes you deep into the salt life. Get her tips and hacks for bringing home a multitude of saltwater species.

Amanda Gilbert and The Perfect Slam

As we drove down to O’Neills Marina at 4:30am,  Capt. Jeff Hagaman said, “It is going to be rough today and we might get a little wet!” I responded, “It won’t be my first or last time, we’ve got this!” We left the marina in search for large bait before picking up the Flagler Group to […]

The Redfish Rules: Guest Blog

Red drum, commonly known of as Redfish, are popular inshore fish to catch in the Tampa Bay area. Not only do they provide an exciting tenacious fight, they also make for a delicious mouthwatering meal! Targeting these tasty reds takes skills, patience, and knowledge. First and foremost— Know the regulations! The minimum size limit on […]