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Stripping for Stripers: Fly Reeling with Morgan Mattioli

When Morgan Mattioli and her dad started chasing stripers on the Jersey Shore, they were surfcasting. Over the last couple years though, the 22-year-old Rutgers student has only used fly gear when targeting rockfish. She and her dad are relative newcomers to fly reeling, but Morgan appears to have jumped the learning curve: She’s done freshwater fly […]

Fin-Telligence: Common Snook

Several species of snook, or ròbalo, are out there — six in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific — but only four species are capable of growing bigger than 10 pounds. Of these four, only one is found in U.S. waters, in the subtropical Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of México: the common snook […]

King of Cats

Sergio Posadas is the self-declared Catfish King. And after a glance at his YouTube channel, seeing the monster blue cats and flatheads he’s reeled in, I’m thinking, “It’s possible….” Posadas lives in Allen, Texas, and for more than a decade, the reeler has chased the big cats on the Trinity River and its impoundments, Lake […]

Fin-Telligence: Catfish

You can find catfish on every continent except Antarctica (maybe they’re just not looking hard enough…). Across the world, there are hundreds of species, including the leviathan Mekong River catfish and the monster wels catfish of Eurasia. North America is home to dozens of catfish species, ranging from very small, like madtoms, to beefy blue […]

Reelin’ in the New Year!

We here at Reelerz hope the new year finds you with warm hearts and tight lines. This week, we’re giving the fish a break, but then we’re going hard over the next couple months. Starting the week of January 8, 2018, we’ll get back to our weekly fish features. The January-February line-up looks like this: […]

David Braun: Shooting Reelers on the Fly

David Braun ( started dabbling in photography while he was still a college student. It became a hobby, and then it became a business. Once he began snapping photos, Braun realized he had a knack for it, even before he knew much about it. “Some aspects [of photography] came natural to me, even before I […]

Chastenation: Casting Further

Every time Chasten Whitfield fishes Florida waters in her custom-built boat, she attracts attention. The boat is wrapped with bold pink letters that spell out the name of her brand, “Chastenation,” and the 18-year-old is well-known for her tournament winnings and avid angler life. However, what makes Chasten stand out amongst her competition is not […]

Tips and Hacks: Steelhead

Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) haunt the dreams of reelers that chase them. Sure, you could describe them simply as migratory rainbow trout. But migration makes a huge difference between a mere rainbow trout and a steelhead. Rather than spending their entire lives in the same body of freshwater, steelhead spend much of their time in ocean […]

Gone Fishin’ (for steelhead) with Leslie Ajari

When she was 10 years old, Leslie Ajari learned to fly fish on the Truckee River, her home waters, near her home town of Truckee, California. Twenty years later, Ajari lives in Medford, Oregon and runs a steelhead guiding service, Gal Gone Fishin’. Although she typically guides the Upper and Lower Rogue River, Ajari works […]

Fin-Telligence: Steelhead

Put simply, steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are nothing but migratory rainbow trout. Yet, they are oh-so-much-more than that. Just ask any reeler who’s tried to hook one. Fishing for steelhead is a lot like golf (the way I play, anyway): Hours and days of frustration sustained only by the hope of hitting that elusive sweet spot. […]

Capturing Blue Marlin in the Blink of an Eye with Tony Ludovico – The Ocean Ghost

Behind the lens of a low-volume mask, probing eyes stare down into the blue abyss. Those eyes have serious mileage on them, and have seen things most of us could only dream of—or be afraid to dream of! And yet here they are once again, on the lookout, scanning, searching, hoping… In an instant, Tony […]

Tips and Hacks: Blue Marlin

There’s nothing easy about catching a blue marlin — just ask Santiago from The Old Man and the Sea. Blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) are some of the biggest, fastest, and most elusive fish on Earth. And that’s why reelers obsess over chasing and catching them. According to Jack Vasilaros, a charter captain and tournament reeler, […]