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Outdoors Passion Fuels T-Roy Broussard

By David A. Brown Ask him his profession and T-Roy Broussard will tell you he’s a fireman. Truth – he’s served the Port Arthur Department for 25 years, the past decade as Captain. But ask him about his passion and that’s when the colorful details comes surging forward like a bull gator on a short […]

Bull reds with Brandon Simon

“A tuna just jumped right in front of me!” Brandon Simon exclaimed over the phone. I thought he’d told me that he was fishing from the beach. “I am,” he said. The pharmacy manager from Santa Claus, Indiana — who now lives in South Walton, Florida — explained that blackfin tuna come in close to […]

Get a grip: how to hold a bass properly

If you practice catch and release, the effect of gripping a fish by the mouth is maybe something many anglers haven’t considered. Is it safest to hold it vertically or horizontally? With a clamping scale? A biologist and two veterinarians devised an experiment to see what, if any, harm was done by different ways of […]

Video: T-Roy Broussard Bass Tips – Change Up Your Lure

Just because they stopped biting doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In this Tip/Hack video, pro reeler T-Roy Broussard talks about why it’s important to “change it up” when your line goes quiet.   Watch for more Tips and Hacks from T-Roy this week. Also check out our day with T-Roy on the Sabine River system […]

Chasing Stripers in Their Mountain Home

Norfork Lake, in the Ozarks, is like a home in the mountains for striped bass, as well as the reelers that chase them. The nearest city — probably not coincidentally — is Mountain Home, Arkansas. “Mountain Home is a beautiful place with nice people, good restaurants, and a lot to do that’s not just fishing,” […]

Tips and Hacks: Striped Bass

If striped bass (Morone saxatilis) aren’t the most popular saltwater gamefish in the United States, they’re certainly close to the top of the list. Stripers are also a favorite among freshwater anglers in fisheries where they’ve been stocked or have established a landlocked population. Local knowledge always gets you the best advice, but here are […]

Fin-Telligence: Striped Bass

Stripers may be the most popular saltwater gamefish in the country. Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) are voracious — and pretty indiscriminate — predators. When you combine their hard-striking eating habits with their hefty average size, stripers are a damn fun fish to catch. And that’s why reelers chase these so-called rockfish up and down the Eastern Seaboard, all […]