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Flycastergal: Allison Helen Hendricks

Allison Helen Hendricks’ father tied his own flies and made his own fly rods. He put one in Allison’s hands when she was five years old.   Despite her fly fishing legacy, she didn’t make a cast in her teens or much of her twenties. It was not until a decade or so ago, when […]

Fly Tying Friday! Tying the Boobie Fly!

As the name suggests, this is a very tempting fly, to fish!! All jokes aside, this pattern is always in my box, regardless of my targeted species! Also, this is my version of the pattern, not the original. Thanks for watching!

Emma Brown: Rocky Mountain Fly

Emma Brown (@EmmaBrownTrout on Instagram) has been fishing since she could walk. “Well, I’d stand in the river next to my dad, anyway” she says. “I was always outdoors, always near the river.” Emma didn’t pick up her own rod and reel until she was eight years old. Of course, it was a fly rod. […]

Fly/Fishing with Courtney Gandy

Courtney Gandy is an avid saltwater reeler. She loves both inshore and offshore fishing. She grew up fishing in the ocean and has been doing it her whole life. And Courtney (@Quart_nay on Instagram) lives in… Phoenix?! But wait — there’s much more to this story. You see, Courtney just moved to Phoenix a few […]